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Tori is a Certified Wedding Planner

Who gets certified after 22 years of planning fun and fabulous weddings and events? Well, I do. It's something I always wanted to do, but never really had the time to do it. I was too busy actually PLANNING the events! LoL My inspiration? Well, CoVid. Can't do events when we are shut down during CoVid, so I decided to use that time for education. I can always learn something new or receive affirmation for all that I already know, but I figured it can only be a positive experience. When I was asked to teach a certification class at the University of Hawaii on Maui, I felt the need to turn it down because I was not yet certified myself. I was highly flattered to have been asked and encouraged, even though I lacked the certificate. How honored I felt to have that reputation in the community!

So, NOW I have it, and here it is...

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