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A Collaborative Effort- Every wedding and event is a collaborative effort. Tori's synergistic approach has created everlasting unique relationships with clients, professionals, and venues.  She works with you and your carefully curated professionals as a team throughout the planning process and on the event day, from start to finish, planning to production.

Attention to Detail Event Design - We provide assistance with your vision and the creative process, create a blueprint of innovative ideas created for your event,  develop vision boards,  and bring it all to life on your wedding day or event day. Clients are always impressed with Tori's skills at magically creating something better than what they imagined with only a few shared details of inspiration.   

Above and Beyond Customer Service" for every client, regardless of budget or event size. Everyone is a VIP! We have researched and selected the best professionals and venues to offer to you. You will receive checklists, inspiration mood boards, event summaries, contract information, floor plans, timelines, advice and suggestions, and, most of all, a support system for your planning. Choose from our Full Service Planning & Event Design or Wedding Day Coordination​ On your event day, we are on site from set up to break down so we can troubleshoot any situations that occur. Enjoy a fun planning experience and seamless execution.  

The Personal Touch- By getting to know you personally (we have a digital interview for your convenience), we are able to align with your vision and provide personal touches and attention to every detail. After 25+ years in this industry, the most important elements to me are the relationships and the client experience. I want to create an event that focuses on creating an amazing experience for everyone participating, concentrating on the details we feel matter most. Your guests will certainly be unhappy if your event isn't comfortable, service oriented, and fun. They want to enjoy a beautiful setting filled with laughter, good food and drinks, and amazing entertainment. Your guests do not want to work your wedding, so avoid assigning tasks like trash duty and food prep. They, like you, do not want to worry about a thing and feel like their needs are addressed. Weddings and Celebrations are EMOTIONAL, so it is all about how everyone FEELS throughout the day, and we are HERE for it. For you, the aesthetic might be your priority, but for another couple the food and beverage might be most important. Some couples might prefer the spiritual aspect, while others might choose the entertainment as paramount. Every client has different needs. and we attend to that distinction.

The Experience of a Lifetime- Our Passion and Commitment to providing a memorable and inclusive experience for all will exceed expectations as we create the most amazing, fun, fabulous, and classy experience for you and your guests. Focusing on the type of event energy you desire, we provide ideas and resources to incorporate what is needed to create that unforgettable experience.


Our Network of Connections - We cherish our client relationships with our colleagues and experienced professionals throughout the state of Hawaii and California. We are blessed and Grateful to work with a variety of fabulous venues and talented event and wedding professionals (LGBT friendly) offering individualized options.

Sustainable Events- We make every effort to keep our events sustainable, from ecofriendly products to locally sourced food and florals. Click here to see how. 

Flat Rates & Fair Pricing- Everyone deserves to get paid for their work, but we want you to be able afford your celebration, too! Best of all, we charge a flat fee for our services and do not take percentages or increase (upsell) the costs of the vendors. These savings are huge! Hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings! 

Spread Love Not Germs-Safety Procedures- When state/national/county health policies are in place, we follow them. Returning from our 18 month shutdown in Hawaii, we implemented the required safety precautions at every event. At this time, we have hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves available. 

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