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Planning an event, and selecting the right professional for your event, can be confusing, especially if it's not something you do every day.

We hope these questions and answers will help guide you in the right direction that makes you feel most comfortable. 

FAQ: Are you vaccinated? 

TORI: Yes. 100% fully vaccinated and very careful. We have always had negative COVID test results, as well. 

FAQ: What is the difference between a wedding planner, a wedding designer, and a wedding coordinator? Which are you?
TORI: According to "Wedding planners are all about the logistics, from vendor referrals and contract negotiation to day-of execution of your vision. Some planners also provide design or styling services, helping with the creative specifics of your wedding day, while others opt to leave those details to a wedding designer—which means you'll need to hire two professionals to create the day you've dreamed of."  "A wedding designer's role is purely aesthetic and doesn't include things like contract negotiations or attending appointments alongside the bride...'help with the decisions that will give your event a cohesive, stylish, and sophisticated look." The ability to design an event and create an atmosphere is a unique and rare talent. 'A designer has an artistic eye that allows them to conceptualize the whole event and truly transform a space.'" "A wedding coordinator is logistically focused, but on a shorter timeline than a planner. They usually begin helping you prepare a month before the wedding and function as the point person on the wedding day." 
Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers provides ALL 3 services. 

FAQ: Why should you hire an event coordinator, event planner, and/or event designer?
TORI: We are professionals who have experience and industry relationships that will enable your vision to come to life.In addition to help with your budget constraints and legal contracts, we keep your details organized, streamlined, efficient and stress free. I know the questions to ask, I will think of details that will never cross your mind but cause you problems at your event, and I have planned over 1000 events in my lifetime. For you to truly enjoy yourself at your celebration,  we assist with all of your details as your creative idea person, your support system and your resource for everything you need to make your event happen. A benefit to hiring us is that we do not take percentages or commissions, and, instead offer these discounts to YOU as our client. Your event day should be smooth and stress-free, but that doesn't happen on its own. Experience and dedication, my life as a perfectionist, and my passionate spirit enable me to produce and direct your event so YOU don't have to! I am the best investment you will make for your wedding and event. 

FAQ: Do you plan proposals and engagements? 
TORI: YES! We have some incredible locations that are private and romantic for your proposal! Need someone to create a sand sculpture? We've got it! Need your room decorated with flowers, chocolates, and any other surprises? We can do that! Want a private helicopter ride? We can arrange for that! Need a jeweler on island to get a great ring for you both? We've got that too! Need a sign made personalized for your proposal? No problem. Private chef for a romantic dinner? Yup, we have plenty from which to select. You can count on us to help you to create a unique proposal he or she will remember forever. 


FAQ: Do you plan same sex LGBTQ weddings? Are they legal in Hawaii?
TORI: 100%! We LOVE planning gay and lesbian weddings and Hawaii was one of the early states to approve same sex weddings. We planned commitment ceremonies before same sex weddings were legalized. We did not jump on the purple rainbow wagon  Click Here for a wedding slideshow of a Valentine's Day 2020 Same Sex Wedding we planned and designed. 


FAQ: As a vendor, what are the benefits to working with a wedding coordinator such as yourself?
TORI: I am grateful and fortunate to have the organization and communication skills that allow the vendors to efficiently do their jobs seamlessly at your event.  At every event I work,  I am told by other vendors that I am very easy to work with and very professional and friendly. I am flexible and get along with everyone. My philosophy is we work as a team, and I am very hands on. I attend to vendor contracts and ensure nothing is overlooked. We are all there for YOUR best interest. In addition, I have a deep understanding of what each vendor requires because I have taken the time to do so. This allows me to be more prepared and to make sure THEY are prepared for YOUR event.  Not many do this, as they only care about the kickbacks they are going to get. I do not inflate vendor prices nor do I take a commission. I do not yell at my vendors on site  because I keep my calm in stressful situations. I am ethical and professional,  and I expect the same from my vendors. Oh, I am fun and funny. Vendors truly appreciate all that I bring to the table. 

FAQ: What is the average cost of a wedding in Hawaii?
TORI:  According to The Knot, the approximate average for couples' 2021 receptions is roughly $22,500, but Hawaii is more expensive than most other places because over 90% of Hawaii's resources are outsourced from the mainland. A loaf of bread or gallon of milk on Maui averages $8. So, your food items and beverage items will cost double what they do on the Mainland. Storage facilities are expensive in Hawaii, as well, so rental companies may charge more for rentals than you are used to at home. On the mainland there are plentiful amounts of people and things, but on the islands that is not the case. Most flowers you think grow on the islands are actually flown in from other places and have to go through agriculture before ever reaching your floral designer. So, when you ask for a proposal for your wedding, we cannot offer a specific amount if you want any say in your event planning. What I CAN say

is that the average wedding, including ceremony and reception, that is NOT over the top, costs an average of $750 to $1250 per person starting with a guest count of 20. So, if your wedding guest count is 10, the average cost will be towards $1250 or more per person. If your guest count is 50, then you are looking at the lower end of that range. However, you should know that the average STARTING cost is $20,000 for a ceremony and Hawaii. In all honestly, the average cost of OUR COUPLE'S WEDDINGS is $1000 per person once all totals for all wedding day expenses are totaled. 


FAQ: Can we hire you as soon as we get engaged or should we wait?
TORI: As soon as you get engaged is recommended. Dates are booked well in advance and the sooner we begin planning, the better! In addition, I am currently booking fewer weddings than in previous years, so I book up QUICKLY.  

FAQ: What type of packages do you offer? Do you offer Day of Coordination? Are you a full-service planner? 
TORI: Since each event is different, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to determine which services will best fit your needs. I typically offer coordination and planning packages only because I truly customize every event. While Day of Coordination is a loosely used term, that level of coordination typically starts 4 to 6 weeks prior to your event. You can see the details of my packages here

FAQ: Where do you plan events? er

FAQ: What payment types do you accept?
TORI: We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo and ApplePay.

FAQ: If we need help planning activities and accommodations, can you assist with that??
TORI: Yes. 

FAQ:  Do you do sustainable weddings? 
TORI: YES!!! We fully believe and participate in sustainability. Living on an island leaves little space for unnecessary waste, so we do not use disposable utensils and flatware or linens. Even our cocktail napkins are not disposable. We recycle glass and plastic, and do as much digitally as possible. Our chefs use as much farm to table menu items as possible. We love wood tables and chairs, and we repurpose as much as possible. 


FAQ: Do you work with clients who don't live in your area?

TORI: Absolutely! Many of our clients are destination clients, so we communicate at hours that work for them using email, text, phone, skype, Zoom, and facetime. Our event summaries are updated and provided after every update. We also use systems such as Google Docs to share documents. 

FAQ: How do I book a date with you?
TORI: After you email, call or complete and submit the contact form on our website, we will schedule a phone call with you. This free, no obligation 15-20 minute consultation with you is to make sure we are a good fit for each other and that we can meet your needs. 

FAQ: Will you work with vendors we select, or only those you recommend?
TORI: We will absolutely work with your choice of vendors, however we have a great team of preferred vendors that we work with should you need any referrals. Most important, we work together with you to select the most appropriate professionals who are established with all the necessary credentials for your event needs. Your vendors will need to be insured and meet the qualifications of the venue. Some venues only allow certain vendors to access the site, so be sure your vendor is permitted or on the approved list.  

FAQ: A Wedding Coordinator is expensive; can’t my friends or family help out?
TORI: A coordinator is an investment in making sure your wedding day is beautiful & flawless while taking that stress & duty off you and your family. Just like you, your friends & family want to enjoy the day and celebrate with you rather than work your event for you.

FAQ: What is the difference in a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator?
TORI: A venue coordinator oversees the on site staff provided by the venue (food and beverage service), to make sure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations, serving food on time, etc. A lot of times the venue coordinator is not there for the duration of the event &/or they have other events they are overseeing on property during your event. In fact, they usually leave after the food is served. They are not there to direct your vendors and set up and break down. They do not oversee your timeline and handle problems that arise outside of their responsibilities.  A wedding planner and coordinator works only for you to make every aspect run smoothly, communicate with and greet all your vendors, create and send timelines and floor plans prior, make sure you are having a great time celebrating, and to ensure that your vision has become a reality.

FAQ: Where does most of your business come from?
TORI: After 23 years in the industry, we have an abundance of amazing relationships with vendors, travel agents, and past clients, so we are fortunate to get many referrals from them. I do not pay for leads or advertising. Fortunately, people understand the value of what I offer that others do not, and they hire me to plan and coordinate their events. The event designing is my favorite part. 

FAQ: When is the best time to have a wedding or event in Hawaii?
TORI: Every day is the best time to celebrate any occasion in Hawaii! Look, winter is winter. It rains sometimes, it might be windy, but it is GORGEOUS outside and warm enough to wear your bathing suit, shorts, and sundresses. Summers are warm to hot and sometimes humid. It's the tropics. Every part of the island has a different climate, so we make sure there is a plan B in place. Now, some times of the year are more expensive than others, are busier than others, and are less available. However, Hawaii is a vacation on every day of the week, so you can celebrate on a weekday and not just the weekend. In addition, we don't have daylight savings time in Hawaii, so sunset and sunrise times vary. As your event planner we will guide you appropriately regarding what time of year may be best for your event when your date is flexible. We will also make sure you are properly prepared for the time of year you visit the islands. 

FAQ: What is required to legally get married in Hawaii?

TORI: The State of Hawaii is one of the easiest places to get married. It is necessary to obtain your marriage license ON ISLAND within 30 days of your wedding date. You can begin the process on the internet, but you will need to meet face to face with an approved licensing agent on the islands, and we can make this appointment for you.  The appointment needs to be made in advance, as you cannot just show up during your trip. The fee is $70 cash, although there is a fee that can be paid on line at the beginning. We recommend ordering copies and rushing the processing if possible, or it can take forever to get the printed official license. Name changes, insurance add-ons, etc. will require the official copy. For a complete explanation about this, please click here. 

FAQ: That was the cost of my wedding at home for a bigger guest count. Why is it more money for fewer people?

TORI: The State of Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to live. The cost of living here is double to triple the costs of living on the mainland, depending on where you are from. Most locals live simple lives and earn $10 to $12 per hour at their jobs, which is why many work more than one job. Living in Hawaii is not like vacationing in Hawaii. With that said, venues and photographers don't charge less because you have fewer guests. Rental companies, Caterers, Hotels & Resorts all have minimum amounts of money that need to be spent in order to use their services. You'll see site fees and food and beverage minimums. Or, you may have a rental company require a minimum order of $1000 plus set up and delivery. Some think tropical flowers are the cheaper way to go, but not necessarily. Cymbidium orchids, Phalaenopsis orchids, even some dendrobium orchids are ordered from outside Hawaii because we don't have enough here to produce, or we had bad weather that destroyed our crops. Some flowers that you think are tropical are really NOT tropical, so they need to be ordered too. It's not like you can walk around the island and pick flowers and leaves from any property and use them for your own purpose. Imagine how that would affect the beauty of Hawaii (plus it's trespassing)? You come to Hawaii for your wedding for HAWAII and all that it offers in Aloha, Beauty, Spirit, Escape, Serenity, Culture, and more. But, if you want to have a the wedding of your dreams, or the ones you see on Pinterest, be prepared for some sticker shock. The bottom line is that we will do what we can to make your wedding amazing and everything you want it to be, and we will try hard to make it affordable, but be prepared for the sticker shock. ​

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