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Tori Rogers

Owner-Event Planner & Coordinator-Event Designer
Certified Wedding Planner

"Tori was incredible and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. I’d asked our venue to recommend planners they’d worked with before, and one of the names they shared was Tori. I looked up her Instagram, and one of the pictures she had shared was spam musubi as the late-night snack for one of the weddings she’d recently coordinated. I think immediately I knew our vision for our wedding would meld perfectly with Tori’s – fun, approachable, high-energy, gorgeous but not overly formal, and when we first spoke on the phone there was an instant connection. Her extensive experience was also reassuring for us, since we live in California. She was very thorough, and at least a full month before we flew to Maui everything was settled and all that was left was for us to show up. Tori has deep roots in Hawaii and connected us to the best vendors. They were all amazing to work with, and clearly love working with her. She not only helped us with every aspect of the wedding, but also gave us recommendations for the pre-wedding Beach Day we wanted to throw for our guests. Thanks to her we went to an amazing beach (not well-known to tourists), and were able to easily rent beach equipment and games for the perfect prelude to the big day. The wedding itself was perfect, and huge credit for that is due to Tori and her team. She has a sharp eye for design and everything was appointed beautifully. Every recommendation she’d made, around furniture, flowers, etc., was perfect, and we were thankful we’d listened to her. She even surprised us with countless additional details throughout the wedding. Tori has an abundance of awesome ideas, and one suggestion we took was having a flower bar during cocktail hour, with an instructor showing guests how to create leis. We loved coming back from our portrait session to see every one of our guests rocking flowers—it was a huge hit. Tori was reading the room and adjusting the schedule to flow seamlessly, for example having us move a couple speeches earlier, to while orders were being taken, to break them up and feel less long. Obviously we had spam musubi (and ube cookies) as late-night snacks for the guests on their way out, and as a final surprise Tori had set up an extraordinary amount of flowers in our hotel room, along with a display of our tribute photos. Tori is genuine and caring, and her design for our wedding felt very personal and tailored to us as a couple. She can be a mad scientist when you need creativity and vision, and then be efficient and organized when things need to get done. We were truly so lucky to work with her and will forever be thankful for her enormous role in the best day of our lives.."- Alex & Gordy

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