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It all began at the age of 9 when I poured through my parents' phone book and called their friends and family on our rotary phone to invite them to a surprise anniversary party. Then, at age 11, my grandparents introduced me to my happy place, the state of Hawaii. which led to decades of family and friend trips and a move to Maui from California.  As a teen in leadership positions in a youth organization (USY), I planned multiple 400+ person conventions for other teens who lived along the Western USA, which provided an early education of the hospitality industry. 


As the go-to person to plan parties, celebrations, and meetings for family and friends, even while I was involved with other careers and jobs (special education, educational therapy, retail sales & management, personal shopping, styling, merchandising & buying for boutiques) event planning has always been a fun creative outlet. Planning celebrations continues to been in my heart and soul, something that I intuitively do, and the work I most enjoy.

After helping everyone else with their weddings, I finally got to plan my own. Doug and I LOVED Hawaii, especially Maui. I researched (it was the 90's, so the wedding industry in Maui wasn't huge at the time and we relied on the Yellow Pages at the time), I interviewed professionals and saw them in action, and I asked all of the right questions. So much so that the vendors themselves were so impressed with my attention to detail that they inspired and encouraged me to plan for others professionally. 

Dedication, hard work, networking, passion, commitment, investments, education, and nurtured relationships have made it possible for Celebrations by Tori to survive and thrive in an ever-changing industry since 1998, creating unique milestone events and celebrations for people from all over the world (with whom I am still in touch!).


Almost 3 decades of planning events and I still love it!  While I approach every celebration with the same passion and excitement I felt when I began, my years of expertise and established relationships have become invaluable. And after all of this time, my comprehensive and transparent style is still unique from everyone else.  Planning a customized wedding with creative personal touches is my favorite part of planning, so I always look forward to each event with great anticipation.   

The evolution from Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners to Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers to Celebrations by Tori has been AMAZING!   Regardless of my name, I have always maintained the same core values and have worked diligently to maintain an environment rich with kindness, a relaxed vibe, generosity, transparency, creativity,  integrity, honesty, and service.    Vendors and Clients tell me that my Type-A organization skills, relaxed and calm vibe, appreciation for detail and aesthetics, and professional work ethic set me apart from others in the industry. 

As an expert in the industry, I have been featured in magazines, on various websites, and on television. I have participated in Wedding of A Lifetime for Hawaii Bride and Groom Magazine several times, where my services and the services of the involved venues and professionals were donated to provide the best day ever for the lucky winners. I have done celebrity weddings, over the top luxury weddings,  and simple weddings on the beach.


What keeps this industry fun for me is sharing my knowledge, experience and resources with YOU, and considering the best ways we can prioritize and merge your story into your event details. Every celebration is a collaboration of accomplished professionals who create a timeless experience exceeding your expectations. 

Your event is about the story you want to share with us all. What is YOUR  story and how can I help you share it?

Whether by email, text, phone, Skype or Zoom, CONTACT US  to plan YOUR  fun and fabulous celebration! ​Contact Tori for a free consultation.

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