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Love Quotes for Your Wedding Decor

Your wedding cake can be decorated with a love quote! Photo from PINTEREST.

I really hope that one day I can do a ceremony aisle of love quotes. A couple who appreciates literature, poetry, or just their unending love for each other would possibly like to have a ceremony aisle of love quotes. Perhaps they can be written on slate or burplap boards, or painted on rustic wooden sign boards. Maybe hang them from the aisle chairs or staked shepherd hooks. Maybe they can be written  on origami hanging in the chuppah or wedding arch, window panes, or flower pots. I just think for a whimsical love story wedding, incorporating love quotes in some way for the ceremony decor would be awesome.

Love quotes can also be incorporated into the reception quite easily. They can be used on the table decor, framed or on slates. They can on the menus or back of pkace cards. The love quotes can be printed on place mats or table runners. Your pastry chef can even decorate your wedding cake with love quotes.

There is so much you can do with love quotes for your wedding decor. It is easy to stay within theme, the quotes can be incorporated into current rustic or romantically vintage, and they are budget friendly.

Weddings are a celebration of your love, so maybe try some love quotes on your day!

Below are some of our favorite quotes and inspiration photos.