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Wedding Event Party Rental Tables...Which Ones Do I Choose? the best tables for purpose of function and design can get confusing and expensive! Inspiration photos on Pinterest and Instagram have us Ooohing and Aaahing, wondering which table will work best for our events.

There are so many planning elements to consider when selecting your tables, including: - the size and layout of your event space

-indoor space vs outdoor space

-the items going on the table

-functionality of the table

-cost of the table, budget

-linen style, size, and color available for the table

-number of people to sit at the table

-decor for the table

-wedding and event style

-type of meal service

-most common are round, rectangular, and square (you can do serpentine or a combination of tables!)

Sweetheart Tables (just for the couple) are commonly 4' rectangle, 6' rectangle, round or square.

King Size Tables are often used for guest dining or head tables, and when a lot of space is needed for the decor and place settings. Two people can sit on each end of a king table vs. the standard one person on each end.


Round tables are a popular option for events and weddings because they are available in a variety of sizes and heights, they allow for a lot of seating space and conversation, and a wide variety of table linens are available to create a beautiful aesthetic. Shorter centerpieces are recommended to allow for conversation and to avoid falling tall or tower arrangements.

We have included the most common round tables here.

-Highboys or Belly Tables are typically

30"D and 42"H. Other sizes include

24"D, 36" D, and 42"D. For linens to

reach the ground, you should order 120" or

132" round linens.

-Smaller round tables are typically used for

cocktail hour and/or cake tables and larger

round tables are usually used for dining.


Rectangular Tables are also referred to as Banquet Tables. There is a certain elegance defined by rectangular tables. In addition to these tables providing ease of conversation, they allow for more guests to sit together by adjoining to create one long table. From a decorator's standpoint, the table décor options are limitless. Garlands , colorful table runners, and plentiful candles are popular for long tables.

Popular linen sizes are 90"x156" and 90"x132" (not to be confused with 132" round linens). Some linens have round corners and some have square corners, so make sure you order the ones you want.

Square tables typically seat 4 to 8 guests, depending on the size. We suggest mixing square tables in a space with rectangular or round dining tables. These tables take up a lot of real estate in your event space because of their surface area and pointed edges. Here we used a square farm table for a cake table.

As you can see in the photo below, squares and rounds mix well together in an event space for dining.

-SERPENTINE TABLES- A growing trend right now is the use of serpentine tables for your wedding reception. A combination of curved tables or half circles are placed together in a way that creates a curved and windy table arrangement. They can also be used to create a round table with a hollow center. These tables take up a lot more real estate and provide a lot less seating, so make sure they are used in a large space that is spread out. Outdoor weddings are best for large guest counts. Serpentine tables are used for food service and displays, bar service, dining, and gift tables.

A king size table is perfect for seating many people at one table, especially the wedding party. King Tables typically seat 8 to 12 guests, and measure 8'L x 4'W x 30"H. Should you need to cover your King Table with a table linen, order a size 108″ x 156″ linen. If you use charger plates as part of your table setting, we encourage king size tables. Here we used a king size table for a grazing table at our client's wedding.

As you can see in this video, farmhouse tables come in different sizes, shapes and stains. The one common factor is they are all made of wood. These wooden tables are extremely popular because they do not require linens and they coordinate with a variety of design styles. Farmhouse tables accommodate different types

of meal service, including family style, and allow for a full formal table setting. While some feel that conversation can be limiting, we do not find this to be true at our events. For outdoor events these are ideal to avoid table linens on windy wedding days.

We love a sweetheart table because it is the best opportunity for the couple to actually have some time TOGETHER away from everyone; you can finally have some intimate conversation as a married couple! The sweetheart table faces towards the rest of the reception, and all of the guests can typically view the couple. It creates a close proximity between the speech-giver and the couple, and it makes the couple more approachable for guests to visit during the reception. The sweetheart table also offers an opportunity for some fun design elements. Can't decide between the sweetheart table and head table? Check out our pros and cons here.


The photo below is a great example of how various tables can be combined in one space to create a unique aesthetic.

© 2022 Tori Rogers

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