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Head Table vs Sweetheart Table



Larger table that includes the couple, their wedding party, and/or immediate family members (your tribe or crew)

Smaller table for just the couple to sit by themselves at their own table during the reception

Less isolation for the couple from the guests. You get to sit with your friends and family

You get some intimate alone time with your new spouse!

Some say it is a way to honor those close to you or your VIP's.

You avoid insulting anyone who feels left out.

Wedding Party is in close proximity for toasts/speeches.

You will be more approachable for guests to visit with you.

The head table can take up a lot of precious real estate in the room.

Your wedding party can sit with their plus ones.

People typically want to sit with their friends.

Less formal vibe and more romantic for you both.

Can make others feel left out.

You are a focal point.

Not everyone wants to be on display, front and center.

Easier for toasts/speeches if they can stand near your sweetheart table and address you personally.

Conversation can be challenging with everyone at the head table seated side by side.

Can see everything happening

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