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We've Got Your Back...Covid Mitigation for Maui Events

Planning a wedding is hard enough without COVID to interfere, but it definitely has been getting in the way for the past 18 months, huh? We understand that you may be stressed and concerned regarding your wedding plans, so let us put you at ease. If you are planning your own event and do not have a professional coordinator to manage it, then it is considered a social gathering. That means your event can have 10 people including vendors for an indoor event, and 25 people including vendors for an outdoor event. So, if the bride and groom make the count 27 for an outdoor event, then you need to uninvite two people, or have them arrive when two other people leave. This size of an event, 10 or 25, does NOT require a COVID mitigation plan.

Our events are typically larger than the above-mentioned guest count, but we are professional coordinators handling the events, so they follow different policies and procedures. Events including 50 to 100 guests, the allowed number of people to attend an outdoor event managed by a professional coordinator, need to file a COVID mitigation plan for approval before your event can take place. That number includes professionals working your event.

What goes into a COVID Mitigation Plan? Well, we made a template based on Hawaii's requirements. Basic Event Information: Event Name: Event Type: Operator Name and Point of Contact: Operator Name:

Point of Contact Name

Phone Number: Email: Mailing Address:

RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS: Name Phone Number Email Mailing Address:

Venue Name and Contact Information: Name Phone Number Email Mailing Address

Date of Event

Time When Entry Allowed for Attendee:

Time of Event Closure to Attendee: Event Description

Anticipated Number of Attendees

Health and Safety

COVID-19 Risk Reduction Plan-Plans on how to comply with restaurant/bar/social establishment conditions*

If on premise consumption of food/beverages offered, plans on how to comply with restaurant/bar/social establishment conditions are required.

Plans for collecting Sign-in Data for all attendees*

Data must be available to the City or the State upon request

Plans for Enforcement of use of face coverings (indoor events only)*

Please type "NA" if you are submitting this form for an Outdoor Event

Plans for Social distancing

Optional section. Plans to increase physical distancing between attendee groups is recommended but not required

Strategies to reduce congestion at choke points*

Include maps/diagrams as needed (e.g. entrance, exit, restrooms, concession, test area if on-site testing offered)

Description of ventilation system and how COVID risk is mitigated (indoor venues only)*

Please type "NA" if you are submitting this form for an Outdoor Event

Staff & performer safety

Additional measures to reduce risk of transmission amongst staff and performers how to communicate the plan*

Additional measures to reduce transmission between staff/performers and attendees*

Plans for addressing symptomatic individuals on-site

Plans for communicating safety protocols with attendees, staff, and performers before and during the event

Fortunately we collect this information and organize these details with our clients so that we have the required information. That is why our mitigation plans have been approved, so far. At your event, it will be necessary to collect COVID LIABILITY RELEASE FORMS. This is OURS.

Does your event have more than 100 guests including vendors? Then you will need to apply for a special permit from the county in addition to your COVID mitigation plan. Leave yourself plenty of time to get this all done, because the county does not process these applications right away.

At Celebrations by Tori, we are here for our clients to get through these challenging times. We KNOW the proper protocols, policies and procedures, and will do whatever we can to make your wedding or event happen. We've got YOUR back. Contact Tori to plan your wedding or to be your onsite coordinator for your event, and she will ensure you have your dream day!

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