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Why Wedding Packages Suck by Tori Rogers

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Wedding Packages. Can we just talk about why they are so sucky??? Seriously. They are not the bargain you think they are....

Long ago businesses were not as transparent and tried to increase their profit by selling an all-inclusive package to couples. The deception began with listing multiple services and items in a "package" that did not cost them anything extra; to give the illusion that YOU, the customer, would get more bang for your buck.

During the decades I have been in the wedding industry, couples have asked for my packages. It's just the go-to word when planning your wedding, and you have been trained to believe that packages are the best investment and most cost-effective way to plan your wedding.

THIS IS A MYTH. Wedding Packages DON'T WORK.

This concept may have worked years ago when you had fewer resources available for comparison, like chat rooms, websites, podcasts, and more. You accepted what was offered because you were not informed about the tricks and secrets I am sharing here. Until Pinterest and other social media exposed you to an abundance of options available, you just were not aware. Of course it was helpful when packages included an officiant (probably one of the business owners), assistance with the marriage license (a phone call to the agent to make the appointment), a photographer (again, one of the owners), a cake knife and server (already in their inventory), and a keepsake certificate (print it out), especially for a destination wedding couple traveling to an unknown location. The truth is that the VALUE of your package way surpassed the business's cost of your package because you were charged for each line item as if it was THAT cost for the business. Why? How else is a business supposed to cover the overhead costs of storage, business licensing, taxes, bookkeeping, office space, equipment, their time, etc.? The trick was to make it seem like you were getting so much for so little. These package tricks really worked well for the businesses as long as they could include goods and services that did not need to be outsourced, and as long as you remained uninformed.

But then came Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram, Tik Tok, Chat Rooms, Reviews, and other resources, to introduce couples to their many options. Suddenly, couples were no longer satisfied with the contents of their wedding package and wanted to make substitutions. You wanted to substitute--- the flowers, the entertainment, the photography, the venue, and more. Now you wanted things your way, but for the package price. Couples requested itemized prices of everything offered in the package, thinking they could then exchange the cost value for something else that they preferred. Packages were disrupted because services and goods needed to be sourced and not just done in-house, no longer promising a huge profit for the businesses. It became a nightmare.

The bottom line is couples want a customized wedding for a package price, but that is not realistic. At Celebrations by Tori, we have always been transparent and we believe in hiring professionals to provide you a quality product and service. We want you to be inspired by your research and feel excited about your wedding planning. It's why we do not provide packages and choose to customize each and every event.

And THAT is why packages suck.

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