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Wedding Vibes by Tori Rogers

Updated: Apr 19

You are the hosts of your wedding day celebration. As hosts, your responsibility is to create a positive wedding vibe for you and your guests from start to finish. Your Wedding Vibe is how you want your wedding day to look and feel, and it begins with your Save-the-Dates. Sounds easy, right? So, what goes into determining your wedding vibe?

  • Wedding Venue

  • Wedding Party Attire

  • Wedding Guest Attire

  • Color Palettes

  • Wedding Theme

  • Climate

  • Décor and Rentals

  • Florals

  • Entertainment

  • Food Service

  • Menu

  • Bar Service

  • Beverage Selection

  • Accessibility

  • Comfort

  • Lighting

  • Transportation

  • Timing and Flow of your wedding celebration

  • Quality of Professionals