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Wedding Trends: Keeping Your Wedding Trendy and Affordable

Purple and Platinum tablescape, Maui Wedding, Photo by Tori Rogers

Couples are always looking for ways to incorporate some new wedding trends into their wedding without going over their budget.

1) COLOR: There are many ways to add color to your wedding. Fabrics, flowers, crystals, lighting, guests dressing in your color theme, paper products in your color theme, beverages and foods in your color theme, a candy station with glassware or candy in your color theme, fabric swags across the ceiling, napkin rings, glassware/China in your colors, and more… It is simple to create a simple, elegant table in your color theme with the touch of a fabric runner, a nice centerpiece with candles, and a menu card on specialized paper. Shine lights in your color theme. Bright and bold jewel tones mixed with some neutral color are the popular combinations (such as aqua/green/ivory or white, yellow/midori green/white or ivory, yellow/orange/ivory, garnet/amber/ivory, aqua/orange/white, black/white/silver, plum/taupe/ivory, orange or coral/gold/lime green, orange/amethyst. garnet/orange/gold, etc.

2) WEDDING ATTIRE: A popular trend to make the bridal party and the couple happy, which also looks fabulous in photos, is mismatched bridal dressses. Basically, choose a color, fabric, and/or a pattern and let the bridesmaids choose the dress that is most comfortable for them. One of my brides bought the fabric and sent it to all of her bridesmaids. They had the opportunity to meet with dressmakers to create the dress they felt would look best. Another of my brides had her bridesmaids meet at a popular bridal salon. She told them the color and fabric, then they chose the styles that looked best. The photos were fab and the girls were all happy and comfortable. So, don’t worry about being too “matchy-matchy.” You do, however, want to provide as many specifics as possible, including the formaltiy of the dress.

3) DIY: Yes, the “do-it-yourself” favors, invitations, save-the-dates, menus, placecards, etc. are huge, especially with this economy. BUT, be prepared to spend a lot of time on these. Explore the Internet, as there are many DIY couples with great ideas.

4) DESTINATION WEDDINGS: We get so many couples who want to avoid the big, overwhelming wedding at home to have the more intimate wedding, THEIR WAY, in an exotic destination. Couples either continue with their honeymoon there, or another nearby exotic location.

5) GOING GREEN: We are all trying to be more environmentally aware in our daily lives, which seems to be merging into our weddings. To make your wedding eco-friendly, we suggest the following: make donations to meaningful charitable causes as the favors; serve organic foods; use recyclable or biodegradable utensils/plates/glassware; use recycled paper for invitations/menus/save-the-dates/placecards; use technology for most wedding needs to save on paper and postage; donate left-over food and flowers; recycle the cans and bottles from your beverage service; use beeswax or soy candles; minimize the amount of cars at your wedding by offering a shuttle.