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Wedding Song List – Be different with your song selections!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

“LET’S SEE WHAT THE NIGHT CAN DO” by JASON MRAZ: OMG, have you heard this song??? Jason Mraz never disappoints. He always has at least one song on an album that just melts my heart and that I want to hear at every wedding. This can be for the First Dance, this can be for the Processional and Bridal Entrance of the ceremony, or pretty much any romantic moment during your event.

“SIMPLE MAN”   I really love “Simple Man” for Mother of the Groom with the Groom Dance. There are two versions that I like: LYNYRD SKYNYRD


“HAVE IT ALL” by JASON MRAZ: This song makes me think of a parent telling a child that he or she wants him or her to have everything in life, including a most amazing love. This song is perfect for a parent dance with the groom or the bride.

“YOU AND I” by INGRID MICHAELSON: I love this song for the Last Dance Song or First Dance Song where guests will join in after the couple has danced for a bit. I can just envision the couple in the center of the dance floor surrounded by their friends and family singing the chorus to this song loud and proud together, just celebrating the love and being in the moment. Maybe the guests could be waving lit wands or something fun!

“MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE” was originally recorded by Bob Dylan, and we all fell in love with Adele’s version, but have you heard KRIS ALLEN‘s version? He was on American Idol and I feel like his version is so romantic and intimate for the first dance.

“WHEN WE WERE YOUNG” by LUCY SCHWARTZ is such an adorable song and perfect for a couple who basically has known each other over the years and are so happy to be together. To me, the song seems a great fit for the couple who may have been childhood sweethearts, or friends that became lovers over time, or just have just matured over time together.

“WILDFLOWERS” by TOM PETTY: I have had a few brides walk down the aisle to this and I have truly enjoyed watching their partners gaze at them as though they are so beautiful that they do belong in a field of wildflowers. The final verse of the song is:

You belong among the wildflowers You belong somewhere close to me Far away from your trouble and worries You belong somewhere you feel free You belong somewhere you feel free

Isn’t that how you want to feel and how you want your partner to feel about you?

“PERFECT” by ED SHEERAN: I know, you’ve heard this at every wedding, but, that is because it SHOULD be played at every wedding. His music is soulful. Can you believe that there are still people who don’t know who Ed Sheeeran is??? It’s my personal mission to spread his talents as far as they can reach.

“KISS ME” by ED SHEERAN: This song is not as popular as Ed Sheeran’s other songs, so it is not overplayed at weddings. The lyrics and melody are so romantic for a first dance. I think once you hear the song you’ll agree.

I hope you find a song that inspires you for your wedding or personal playlist, or maybe you have found a song you would like to share with someone you know will appreciate it. Happy listening!

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