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WEDDING PLANNING 101 by Tori Rogers

The proposal and the engagement period are incredibly exciting. You're sharing the news with everyone, setting up your engagement portrait session, telling your proposal story to everyone, and searching the Gram and Pinterest for the perfect wedding ideas that resonate with you both. It's engagement euphoria!

But then it's time to get down to the actual reality of planning, and the excitement turns to overwhelming panic. Do not is completely normal to feel this way. We have all experienced the bliss to stress rollercoaster. Wedding planning can be overwhelming. With all of the options and opinions facing you, planning your wedding can seem more like a chore than a fun task to do together. That's why Celebrations by Tori is here to keep you on track and guide you through the process, by removing the stress and bringing the fun back into your planning.

Free up that real estate in your mind for the fun parts of your wedding planning!!!!

First, we identify your struggle, because we all know the struggle is real! Is it...

  • Going Over Your Budget?

  • Knowing where to start?

  • Determining the Guest List and Size?

  • Keeping Track of Expenses?

  • Over-Analyzing or Over-Thinking Everything?

  • Dealing with Other People's Opinions and Advice?

  • Selecting the Right Professionals?

  • Making Decisions?

  • Balancing Your Desires & Pleasing Everyone Else?

Second, we look at your top five deal breakers for your wedding vision. Is it... (we actually ask this in our initial interview when we get to know you)

  • The Food?

  • The Bar?

  • The Aesthetic?

  • The Apparel?

  • The Entertainment?

  • The Comfort & Convenience?

  • The Spirituality?

  • The Photography/Videography?

  • The Guest Experience?

  • The Venue?

  • The Traditions?

  • The Budget?

  • Uniqueness?

  • Your Look? (Beauty services, etc.)

Third, we find out about YOU. For example... (again, we actually do this in our digital initial interview and conversations when we get to know you)

  • What is your style? (example: romantic, elegant, outdoorsy, boho, traditional, edgy, modern, formal, casual, etc.)

  • What issues and causes resonate with you the most? What sensitivities should we know about?

  • Are you environmentally conscious? (example: sustainable, ecofriendly, etc.)

  • Are you close to your family?

  • Are you uncomfortable being the center of attention?

  • What is your vibe?

  • How do you best communicate? (phone, email, video calls, etc.)

  • What do you do for work and fun?

  • What is your wedding vision?

  • How do you interact and function as a couple?

  • What are your favorites in life? (television show, places to shop, foods, travel, music, gifts, holidays, etc.)

  • How can we ensure your wedding is inclusive?

  • What have you seen done at other weddings and events that you want to include or avoid at your wedding?

  • How can we best serve and support your needs?

Fourth, we work out a plan of action depending on all of these factors. This plan of action is constantly updated and available throughout the planning process. We hand select the professionals we recommend and explain why. Everything is shared with you throughout the process including actual invoice, pros and cons, comparisons, alternative options, etc. so that YOU can feel comfortable with all of your decisions and ENJOY planning your wedding. My favorite part of planning is suggesting ways to personalize and customize your wedding to make it a unique experience. When developing functional floor plans and timelines, I consider all of the components involved, including how your photos will look. Everyone is taken into consideration, including you, your guests, your VIP guests, the vendors, and the venue management. A wedding is a production, and it truly requires a collaboration of cooperative team players to make it all happen successfully.

Fifth, we bring your vision to life. The celebration you have dreamed about, poured your emotions into for several months, cautiously allotted funds to over a period of time, will finally arrive and pass by in a flash! No joke. It goes by so quickly. But it is also the BEST DAY EVER!

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