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Wedding entertainment tips you need to know

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Wedding entertainment tips you need to know

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If you’re planning your wedding and looking at the options for entertainment, there’s plenty to consider. Here are some key pointers to make sure your big day celebrations go with a swing.

Choose the right wedding music

As well as booking your wedding band early, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right one! What kind of music do you and your partner enjoy the most? And what kind of music will engage your guests and ensure they’re up on the dancefloor? It could be that the general theme of your wedding can help you to decide – a classy jazz band is the perfect choice for a 1920s Great Gatsby theme, for example, and there’s nothing like sultry jazz tunes to bring an air of sophistication to the party. Jazz bands are also versatile, and can provide background music throughout the rest of the day, too – from the signing of the register, to the moment when the bride makes her grand entrance.

Make sure you find experienced and professional wedding performers who have insurance and all the necessary paperwork in place. This can save you time and give you peace of mind should any problems occur.

Consider the venue

Make sure your choice of entertainment is suitable for your venue. If you’re booking a band, check the venue has a licence for live entertainment, and find out if they use noise limiters, or have any other restrictions in place. Remember that your performers will need access to the venue to unload their equipment. They will need a dedicated space for their performance, and time to set up, sound check, and take down their equipment, so bear this in mind when choosing a venue.

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Plan your timings

Decide what time you want the entertainment to arrive and set up their equipment. If your reception is limited to one room, it makes sense for the band to set up before your guests arrive. If your venue has more than one room, the band could set up in one space whilst your guests are enjoying a drinks reception in a separate area.

Organise background music for your guests (either live or recorded) whilst you sign the register and have your photographs taken. Wedding photos take time, and music is a nice way to create an atmosphere and fill the gap between your ceremony and the start of the meal.

Remember that your timings on the day may well overrun (this is common during a wedding!). Your band or DJ will still need their agreed amount of time to set up and do their sound check. To avoid last minute time stresses, factor in an extra hour when you are planning your schedule for the day.

Provide refreshment

Look after your entertainers. They will have usually travelled to get to your wedding, and after loading in gear and sound checking, refreshment will be much appreciated. Provide a dressing area and make sure you give them a meal and drink before they play. This will ensure they’re energised to deliver a fantastic set!

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Favourite songs

Provide your DJ or band with a list of specific songs you and your partner want to hear. Let them know if you have a special song you’d like them to play at a key moment – e.g. for the first dance and the last dance. And if there are any songs that you definitely do not want to hear, make a ‘do not play’ list to clarify this!

Attention to detail

Finally, always check the small print on any contracts before you sign them. You don’t want any nasty surprises, after all! But once all of these details are confirmed, you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy your special day!

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