Wedding Day Snacks, 20 healthy snacks to eat on your wedding day

20 Healthy Wedding Day Snack Ideas, by Tori Rogers

It is your wedding day, the most magical day for which you have been forever planning and dreaming about, and you want to look and feel perfect. We feel it is very important for our bridal party to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day, but to do so in a smart and healthy way. Here are some tricks of the trade on how you make sure you feel and look your best on your wedding day so you can enjoy its  every moment.

1) Finger foods: You will more than likely all be getting beautified by a hair and makeup stylist that day, so it is best to eat things in small portions that do not require using a fork or knife. 2) Trail mix, a healthy blend of dried fruits and nuts, are a healthy and easy-to-eat treat. 3) Fruits that are pale in color so they do not stain your teeth or your clothing. (apples, bananas, grapes,  pears, etc.) 4) Fruits without seeds so the seeds do not get stuck in your teeth. 5) Stay away from high-sodium foods that will make you look and feel bloated. Best to stick to water-rich vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy/non dairy products, and fresh pale-colored fruit. 6) Hummus or ranch dip with veggies. 7) Cheese and Crackers, String Cheese 8) Sparkling and/or Still water 9) Orange Juice/Mimosas/Tea 10) Fruit/Veggie Smoothie 11) Pretzels 12) Health Bars 13) Healthy protein like Peanut Butter, Chicken bites, etc. 14) Mini-muffins 15) Hard boiled eggs 16) Vitamin enriched drinks: Orange juice, Smart Water, Vitamin Water, etc. 17) Roasted Chickpeas 18) Cottage Cheese 19) Edamame 20) Dark Chocolate

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