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Wedding Day Photography Tips

  • CREAT A MOOD BOARD of poses you like and special photo ops

  • BRING PROPS for your photos, like tossing items, a long veil, Fatheads of your pets, items for your layflat photos, etc.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR ITEMS for your photographer before they arrive. This includes your accessories, jewelry, your dress or suit on a hanger, shoes, etc.

  • CONSIDER A FIRST LOOK or FIRST TOUCH before your ceremony. It is a wonderful opportunity to get the jitters out and share some time alone with each other.

  • SAVE THE GOLDEN HOUR for your portraits alone with the photographer

  • ALLOW ENOUGH TIME to photograph the details before they are used by your guests

  • INCLUDE A SPECIAL DEPARTURE like sparklers, wands,

  • CAPTURE THE REVEAL when you see your wedding set up, typically the reception, for the first time before it is revealed to your guests

  • CEREMONIES should be one to two hours prior to sunset.

  • SELECT SPECIAL SPACES at your wedding venue for special photo ops like your first look

  • GET READY somewhere quiet, nice, and air-conditioned. Natural light is helpful. Try to keep it clean for the photos.

  • CONSIDER AN UNPLUGGED CEREMONY because your wedding photos will otherwise be of your guests taking photos of your wedding and interfering with the coverage of special moments during your ceremony.

  • INFORM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER of any delicate family issues

  • PLACE THE BOUTONNIERE on the left lapel of the jacket, just over the heart. It is NOT on the pocket.

  • WHEN WALKING DOWN THE AISLE keep your eyes up and walk slowly

  • AVOID STANDING TOO CLOSE TO THE COUPLE during the ceremony. The wedding party should stand far enough away so that they are not in all of your "couple" photos.

  • HOLD YOUR KISS for at least three seconds whenever you kiss for your photos.

  • PREPARE A PHOTO SHOT LIST of any special poses and photo groupings. It is not necessary to include obvious wedding shots like your first kiss, first dance, ring and vow exchange, etc. They already know about those shots. What they don't know is if you want a photo of your fraternity brothers with you, or with all of your first cousins.

  • OBTAIN THE NECESSARY PERMITS in advance for your photographer to take photos on beaches, in parks, at monuments, etc.

  • GROUP PHOTOS should take place where your photographer can easily photograph your large group. Providing a step ladder for your photographer may be helpful. Discuss the best place with your photographer for the group photo in advance.

  • FEED YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER because it is a long day and they will be hungry! Your photographer needs to eat when the guests eat so they do not miss capturing important moments.

  • MAKE IT PERSONAL with special socks, personalized items, matching kimonos or outfits, personalized hangers, etc.

  • DISPLAY YOUR WEDDING ATTIRE on special hangers

  • INCORPORATE SPECIAL PIECES OF FASHION like fancy socks, a meaningful brooch, custom suit lining or accessories, a decorated garter, and heirloom jewels.

  • ASSIGN A HELPER to be your primary contact person to assist the photographer with gathering the people you need for photos.



  • CREATE A TIMELINE that allows a realistic amount of time for your photographer to document your wedding.

  • AVOID EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL the night before and during preparation on your wedding day.

  • BRING FRESH SETS OF PRINTED ITEMS including your invitation, save the date, programs, maps, etc.


  • COMMUNICATE VENUE RULES to your photographer.

  • COI's are required for your vendors, includingn your photographer.

  • ARRANGE FOR YOUR PERSONAL FLOWERS DELIVERY to arrive early so you have them for your getting ready and first look photos. This includes your bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, leis, hair flowers, etc.

  • SHOW YOUR LOVE for each other during your ceremony. Look at each other, hold hands, wipe each other's tears, fix her hair, etc.

  • SHARE YOUR ENTIRE TIMELINE with your photographer, and inform them of any surprises.

  • KNOW HOW TO tie your tie, bustle your dress, button your dress, attach your veil, fold a pocket square, attach your train, etc. before your wedding day so this goes smoothly on the actual day.

  • BE YOURSELVES and relax as much as you can. Your photographer should need minimal direction, so just be yourselves.


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