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Wedding Couple Gift Exchange Ideas

Why is this bride so happy? Because her soon-to-be husband gave her JEWELRY! But, he already gave her a wedding ring, you ask, so why does he need to give her another gift? Well, this new trend and tradition that is making couples extra happy on their wedding day.

A sentimental card telling your new wife or husband how happy you are to be marrying her or him is such a perfect way to begin the celebration, don't you think?

Whatever you decide to give your spouse-to-be, be sure to include a heartfelt card with your gift, and plan the presentation of it all in advance. Arrange for your wedding coordinator, relative, or friend to give the card and gift to your bride or groom while getting ready for the first look photos or an hour before your ceremony. If you have photography and/or videography arranged before your ceremony, be sure to communicate to your professionals that you want the opening of the card and gift documented.

Need gift ideas? We've got some for you. Whatever you choose, remember that this is a token of your love.

Jewelry or Accessories: Pearls are traditional for jewelry but not necessary. It's thoughtful to get a piece of jewelry that can be worn at the ceremony, such as a bracelet for the bride and cufflinks or engraved watch for the groom. Something like a charm bracelet or a locket is thoughtful and romantic.

Write a Poem or Song

Relationship Timeline or Map

Framed Photo of an important moment between you both (maybe your engagement!)

Artwork or hire a live artist to paint or sketch a scene at your wedding

Something for your Honeymoon

An Experience or Adventure

Something monogrammed, engraved or customized- glassware, apparel, sheets, pillowcases, handkerchief

Keepsake Box

A collection of some sentimental items from your shared experiences

Scrapbook or Photo Album of shared moments

A performance- maybe play a song for your new wife or husband

Surprise your new husband or wife with a video presentation

A playlist of your curated songs for her or him

Plan a photo shoot together or a boudoir shoot

Religious Items- rosary, cross, star of David, mezuzah for your new home

Hire his or her favorite musician to perform the song for your first dance or ceremony

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