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Video Confessional Booths - Photo Booth Trend

Have you heard of the Video Confessional Booth? No, you're not going to church and we are not asking to hear your deep dark secrets. BUT, this is a HUGE trend for 2024 weddings and we are obsessed. If you watch Reality TV (think, Jersey Shore Vacation or Love Island), then you are accustomed to seeing the cast share their true feelings in the confessional room or booth.

How fun would something like that be at your wedding? Guests can share stories, record their congratulatory wishes to you, and share fun anecdotes. It's like providing everyone with an opportunity to share a story or speak at your wedding without taking away from your tight schedule. Basically it is video messaging to provide a fun interactive experience.

Video Confessional Booths come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities. You can even design your own! Here is some inspiration.

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