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Valentine's Day Stats & Facts

Enjoy your box of chocolates as you read these Valentine's Day stats and facts. Happy Valentine's Day from @celebrationsbytori

-Up to 52% of consumers celebrate Valentine's Day

-Around 3 in 10 Americans will go into credit card debt from V-day spending

-35% of consumers will shop online for their gifts.

-Around 224 million roses are grown specifically for Valentine's Day

-Roughly 6 million people get engaged on Valentine’s Day.

-Valentine's Day dates back to the 14th century

-Cupid got his start in Greece

-"Booklets" were created in the 1800s to help people write Valentine's Day cards

-The heart-shaped chocolate box–first came to be in the 1860s

-Only 21% of consumers will spend money on jewelry for their Valentine

-A romantic Valentine's dinner out costs $121 on average

-Those who have been in a relationship for one to two years will spend the most on gifts at $247 dollars

-46% of consumers will receive a Valentine's gift they don't like

-Around 25% of marriages begin online

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