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Understanding Wedding Terminology

Same Day Edit vs. Wedding Highlights

A same-day edit (SDE) is a cinematic screening shown during your wedding towards its conclusion. The videographers capture all of your event's most meaningful moments from getting ready to cake cutting or first dance. The videographers then view and edit the footage on site during your event to create a trailer of your wedding story. The finished product is then shown to you and your guests at the wedding towards its conclusion. Tips- leave time in your timeline for the experts to work their magic, provide a workspace, rent the necessary equipment to display the SDE, and let your guests know something special will happen towards the end of your wedding so they know to stay.

Wedding Highlights are basically a director's cut of your wedding day's events like a movie trailer, and provided for you to watch at home. So, the main difference between the two is really that one is shown at your wedding and one is something you receive weeks to months after your wedding.


A Banquet Event Order (BEO), or Event Order, is typically provided by the venue, primarily a hotel. BEOs outline important details such as dates, timelines, catering needs, and other pieces of vital information that various departments of the venue refer to when planning and setting up your event.

Charger Plate

A charger plate is a decorative plate larger than the dinner plate that acts as a base for other dinnerware. It is also called a service plate, under plate, or chop plate. It is for decoration only and not for food consumption.

Corkage Fee

A corkage fee is when you provide your own wine or alcohol at a venue or restaurant and they charge a fee to open the bottle there. This fee is so the venue can still make money and keep their liquor license when serving alcohol not sold by their facility.

First Look

A first look is when the couple has a private moment to see each other before the ceremony, but they are escorted to each other individually for a surprise moment. This is often captured on film by the photographer and videographer.

First Touch

A first touch is when the couple is separated by a wall or door and hold hands for a moment but don't actually see each other before the ceremony.

Getting Ready Photos

For the Bride- The hair and makeup is completed and the bride is just about ready to get into her/their dress. The photographer/videographer captures the dress and then has the bride get dressed. Once she/they comes out dressed, the attendants and family will fuss over her/them for photo purposes. For the Groom- The men are half-dressed and details of the getting ready process are photographed.

Golden Hour

This is the hour of perfect natural light before sunset that photographers consider to be ideal for taking wedding photos.

Invitation Suite

An invitation suite refers to the various parts of an invitation package including the wedding invitation, response card, information card, a map and timeline, and more.

Room Block

A room block is when a certain number of hotel rooms are blocked off for your guests to reserve at a discounted rate. Typically, it is necessary to guarantee that a number of rooms will be booked by a certain time to receive a guaranteed room at that discounted rate.

Room Flip

A room flip is when you transform a space from one stage of your event to another stage of the event. The most common room flip at a wedding is when a ceremony space is transformed to the reception space while the guests are in a holding area during the cocktail hour.


An unplugged wedding ceremony allows you and your guests to be fully present at your wedding ceremony by asking guests to not use phones, cameras, iPads, GoPro's, etc. and allow the professionals to capture a clean looking wedding ceremony by avoiding guests' interference with the photos.

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