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The Value of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator (as seen in Hawaii Bride & Groom Magazine)

Did you know that only a small fraction of couples hire a wedding coordinator? Couples who do hire a professional enjoy successful, happy weddings because someone else is responsible for all of the day’s challenges and details, leaving the bride and groom to create magical moments during their special day. It can be a tremendous sense of relief to have someone on your side acting as your liaison and mediator; someone who understands your vision and helps make it a reality.

Wedding Coordinators are invaluable. An abundance of wedding details and logistics need to be considered so that brides and grooms can relax and celebrate with their loved ones. The coordinator can set-up, direct their vendors, answer important questions, make additional floral arrangements, fix problems, replenish plates and glassware, help to clean up your event, hire a replacement vendor when one does not show up, and make sure everyone’s needs are met. And the best part, they try to work everything within your budget.

A professional wedding coordinator comes with experience, expertise, and has relationships with a variety of wedding professionals and venues to fit every kind of wedding. These experts know how to accommodate a realistic budget and save you time and money by suggesting the most appropriate vendors.

Chances are you have a wedding budget in mind, and your coordinator will help you work out a budget that fits your wedding vision. Your wedding coordinator should find ways to save you money without compromising the quality of your wedding.

Coordinators plan out the details, work out a timeline and logistics (including Plan B), communicate with you and the vendors, make sure nothing has been overlooked and monitor all of the preparation that goes into the planning for the actual day. The banquet manager at the hotel handles the hotel’s responsibilities of the wedding, not the fine details. Your coordinator makes sense of all of those wonderful ideas you have collected for your wedding and puts them into action on your special day.

When the big day arrives, coordinators really prove their worth. Even with the best laid plans you can expect more than a dozen concerns to arise; but everything will be under control since the wedding coordinator directs set-up and vendor arrival, facilitates and executes your wedding day, and troubleshoots and makes executive decisions. All of the situations that arise on a wedding day can be resolved by coordinators, who can use their expertise to promptly fix potential problems. A wedding coordinator will go above and beyond to make your day effortless and stress free for you.

So, when considering all of your necessary wedding professionals, be sure to add a wedding coordinator to your budget. It’s well worth the investment.

Then, you will be among the small percentage who enjoy the planning process. And a couple who is able to enjoy every moment together on their wedding day!

by Tori Rogers

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