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Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots: The Ultimate Guide

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots: The Ultimate Guide

Looking to purchase a pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots? Check out our guide first!

Main image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman.

Boots are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Not only are they practical in the cooler months, but they come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and lengths. There is a boot (or bootie) for any occasion, and one that’s sure to match your personal style. Stuart Weitzman is known for creating incredibly fashionable and functional shoes, but year after year, their boots are one of their top sellers—especially the iconic over the knee boots.

If you’re interested in learning more about these effortlessly cool boots, then stay tuned, because we’re going to cover:

  • Where to buy Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots

  • How to care for your boots

  • The top Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots you need now!

Where to buy Stuart Weitzman boots

What are the best places to snag Stuart Weitzman boots?

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots (OTK), one of the first places you should check out is their website. Here you’ll find a huge selection of all your favorite over the knee styles, such as the 5050 boot, the Lowland boot, Tieland, and even the Ultrastuart Maverick. With a variety of inclusive sizes and textures, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a pair of any of these. Make sure you check out their sale section as well, as you may be able to find a pair of over the knee boots in your size for a deep discount!

Another great place to find Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots (and a variety of other shoe styles) is Shopbop. Whether you’re specifically looking for over the knee boots, or you’re interested in sandals, wedges, booties, or heels, there’s all kinds of options on this site. If you don’t see your size, make sure you’re checking back often, as there are always new items added. Don’t forget to check their sale section too!

Stuart Weitzman also has brick and mortar stores in a handful of states, but if you have a Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, or a Nordstrom in your area, you can also check out their shoe selection there. Whether you choose to shop online or in the department store, keep your eyes out for any sales so you can snag a pair of boots at a discounted price.

Additionally, consignment shops such as Poshmark and resale sites like eBay may also offer Stuart Weitzman boots at a great sale price.

How to style Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots

Stuart Weitzman boots are designed to go with almost anything you already have in your closet. Here are some of our favorite looks:

  • Sweater dress. A sweater dress is one of the best ways to rock your OTK boots, and it’s a great look for the cooler months of autumn and winter. Just make sure your dress’ hem hits a few inches above the knees so there’s some space between it and the top of your boot.

  • Mini skirt. You can’t go wrong with over the knee boots and a mini skirt (or dress!). Perfect for casual outings or date night, the long length of the boot balances out the short hem of your skirt or dress.

  • Maxi or midi dress. If it’s cooler outside and you need more coverage, opt to wear your over the knee boot with a full length maxi or a midi dress or skirt that hits below the knee.

  • With jeans or leggings. Grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans or leggings (faux leather leggings look especially good with these boots!) and step into your over the knee boots for a killer look that you can wear anywhere.

How to put on Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots

Most Stuart Weitzman OTK boots are designed with some give, especially the 5050 back stretch boots. You can put your foot in first and pull the boot up your calf and over the knee if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. However if you have jeans or leggings on, you might want to try pushing the material down so you can easily get your foot in, then pull up the boot around your calf and over the knee. You’ll find that these boots are well-constructed, and since they come in a variety of calf sizes, you don’t have to worry about having a size that barely fits up your leg.

It should be easy to pull these boots on because they have a little give, have stretch built in, or are made with supple leather. Getting them off, you can gently pull them from the foot and gradually move the material down your leg.

What size should you get with Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots?

Stuart Weitzman OTK boots typically fit true to size, but they offer some suggestions for finding the perfect fit for you. First trace your foot outline on a piece of paper, and then measure the length. That is your boot size. If you require a narrow or wider width, Stuart Weitzman carries those as well. Then take your measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your calf, to get that circumference. Then check the product info page of the specific OTK boot you’re interested in to determine if it will comfortably fit your calf.

Caring for your Stuart Weitzman boots

How to clean Stuart Weitzman boots

Stuart Weitzman boots are usually made out of either leather or suede (unless you have a special collaboration design). They recommend you keep all their boots away from extreme weather such as heat, water, and humidity. You can clean their leather boots with a soft cloth, or enlist the help of a professional.

Leather boots are designed to change over time, so don’t be stressed if you start to notice small changes in your boots after a few years. When you put the time into taking care of your shoes, you’ll notice that they seem to get better with age!

If you have suede in your boot, you can use the cleaning sponge provided, or a soft cloth. Engage a professional for a more complete clean.

How to waterproof Stuart Weitzman boots

It’s always a good idea to waterproof your gorgeous OTK boots. This ensures that your investment is protected from unpredictable weather and other stains, and that your boots will look great for years to come.

Use a suede or leather protector for your boots before wearing them, and reapply them as you need. You can also have your boots professionally cleaned and waterproofed if that’s easier for you.

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots your need right now

Looking to add some extra style to boot season? Pick up these over the knee Stuart Weitzman’s now!

Made with soft suede, these Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots will work with everything from flowy skirts, to leather leggings. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Want to get your hands on an iconic over the knee Stuart Weitzman boot? Then the Lowland with a tie is for you. Made with goatskin suede, you’ll love the feel of the sateen lining and cute tie detail at the top of the boot. These boots are sure to elevate any outfit in your closet, whether you want to pair them with a black mini skirt, or pull over your favorite pair of skinny jeans—you’re going to turn to these boots again and again.

Ultrastuart Xcurve 100 Boots

Amp up any date night outfit these elegant boots that are super easy to get on and off. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Need a stunning OTK boot with lots of appeal? Then the Ultrastuart Xcurve boots are going to be a must-have. With the perfect heel height and pointed toe, these are the boots that will turn heads the next time you wear them. Made of soft lambskin, these boots feature a lightly cushioned insole and an easy to use pull on design. Pair with a leather mini for the ultimate statement outfit!

Soholand Boot

Sometimes you just want an over the knee boot that has a rugged sole you can wear anywhere. These boots fit comfortably with cute plaid skirts for punk look, or with a maxi dress paired with a moto jacket! Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman.

This over the knee Stuart Weitzman boot features a lug sole to bring a little grit to your OOTD. The heel is 2.4 inches, and the boot is easy to pull on and off, and features a tie at the top for a customized fit around your thigh. Made with stretch Napa leather, you can wear these boots with anything from maxi dresses, mini skirts, to leggings and stand out from the crowd.

Which Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot will you choose?

Get in on what celebs have known for years, and get yourself a pair of these OTK boots! No matter what you wear with them, you’re guaranteed to look like a star.

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