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Mini Foods for Wedding or Party Appetizers 2013 Wedding Trend

Often our couples host a cocktail reception in between their ceremonies and dinner receptions so that they can have some time for their formal photo sessions. It is so important to make sure guests are taken care of during this time. The best way to your guest’s heart is through his or her stomach. Your guest will most definitely be hungry and thirsty after your ceremony, so beverages and snacks are important provisions during this time.  Expert planner Tori Rogers of Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers prefers finger foods that are easy to eat while standing. Most of the time guests are socializing and moving around the venue space, and they are usually carrying something in their hands. So, it is best to offer appetizers or hors d’oeuvres that are small and easy to eat whether they are tray passed or at a food station. Below are some of our favorite finds. You can also check out our Pinterest board for a more complete list of ideas.


Mini Mac and Cheese Pies,

mini corn dogs

mini corn dogs

mini grilled cheese and tomato soup

mini grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup

mini tacos & margaritas

mini tacos & margaritas

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