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I am sure you have heard about the fires on Maui, primarily in #Kula and #Lahaina areas. Maui has experienced devastating losses of homes, businesses, historical buildings and artifacts, and life.

Power is still in the process of being restored. Everyone is still processing, assessing, mourning, grieving, discovering, and figuring out their next move.

Much of the island is working together as a community to help with recovery, restoration, and survival. You will read a lot of different things on social media.

Please know that you, visitors and wedding couples, are WANTED.

The island just needs time to get roads open again, people in temporary housing while their lives are rebuilt, power restored, supplies replenished, and some type of normalcy established.

We STILL have venues available for events, celebrations and weddings. We STILL have inventory to create beautiful, interactive experiences to enjoy & remember forever. We STILL have the most amazing professionals to collaborate & create amazing experiences for you & your guests. We are STILL here for you. We are STILL planning events and weddings. BUT... You MAY need to change your venue.

You MAY need to change your date. You MAY need to adjust your vision.

But I promise we are still here for you and want to help you with your revisions.

If you are in need of planning assistance involving new venues, etc., please contact us. If you are interested in learning how you can help those affected on the island, please DM me for information. #MAUISTRONG #HAWAIISTRONG #hawaiiweddings #hawaiiweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingvenue #mauiwedding #mauiweddingplanner #mauiweddings #weddingplanning #destinationmaui #destinationwedding #destinationplanning #weddingplanner #mauivenue #mauipostponedbutnotcancelled #mauifire @celebrationsbytori #teambride #teamgroom #teammaui

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