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How To Select Your Wedding Photographer

Selecting Your Wedding Photographer, By Tori Rogers, Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers

 Selecting your wedding photographer is one of the most essential parts of your wedding planning process. Although many couples are budget conscious, it is imperative to consider more than the photographer’s packages or fees when researching and deciding on who will document your milestone celebration. Think about it…would you select your doctor based on the his/her cheapest fees? Of course not! You would consider the professional’s years of experience, how s/he relates to patients and peers, the type of equipment used, the hospital of affiliation, etc. That is how you should think of your photographer…a quality professional using quality equipment, who affiliates with reputable people and organizations, has years of experience, and clicks with your personality.  You can only capture the moments of your wedding day once…so make sure you choose the right photographer to capture and preserve the memories of your event.

Here are some tips on being an educated shopper for your wedding photographer:

*The Internet and local phone book are excellent resources to start shopping. Also ask your friends and family for recommendations.

* Anyone can design a great web site, so, if you can meet with the photographer in person, try to look through various albums and portfolios. In Hawaii there is a place called the Wedding Café, where some photographers keep sample albums for couples to review at their convenience. If your hometown has a place like that, take advantage of it.

*Is the photographer shooting in digital or film or both?

*When looking at a photographer’s portfolio and sample photos, be sure to examine the photographer’s style. Does the style seem to capture the emotions of the people? Are the shots posed? Is there an artistic edge to the photographer’s style? Are the photos more traditional? What is the photographer’s signature shot or style? Some key words include photojournalism, candids, portraits, groups, etc.

*How much time coverage do you want of your event? Do you want photos taken of you getting ready? Do you want coverage of your ceremony and/or reception? Do you want a first look? Do you want detail photos?

*What is your rapport like with the photographer? Does s/he seem to speak freely with you and make you feel at ease? Is the presentation very structured and impersonal? Does s/he seem helpful about offering photography tips regarding your wedding location or time of day? Did people look relaxed in the photos you viewed?

*What type of equipment is used? How are photos processed?  Is there backup equipment?