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Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Style

1.  Include a Photo Booth to be your Guest Experience, the Favors, and the Guest Book.

2.  Hire a less expensive form of entertainment (ie. DJ instead of band).

3.  Consider your wedding to take place during the day instead of the evening.

4.  Offer Sparkling Wine in place of Champagne for your toast.

5. Invite fewer guests.

6.  Select a less expensive meal option. The meal you offer does not need to be expensive and elaborate, it just needs to be delicious.

7.  Opt for an elegant 2 to 3 hour cocktail reception instead of a full meal type of 4 to 5 hour reception.

8. Send digital invitations in place of printed invitations.

9. Pay for your hosted bar per consumption instead of per person or per hour.

10. Marry in the off-season. High season for events are from May to October, so planning your event to take place during the off season may offer a better chance of finding vendors who will drop their rates.

11. Choose to not have a Wedding Party to eliminate the costs of apparel, gifts, boutonnieres, bouquets, etc.

12. Avoid weekend, holiday, and high season wedding dates.

13. Select a multipurpose venue so that your ceremony and reception can take place in the same location.

14. Repurpose your flowers by using your ceremony flowers at your reception.

15. Understand that not everything will be a bargain. So, pick and choose what you are willing to skimp on and what are things on which you will not compromise quality.

16. Share rentals and décor: Find out if there is an event at your venue the day before or after your event. If so, perhaps you can save on rental costs for tables, chairs, tents, etc. by sharing the costs of rental, delivery and set up.

17. Buy your wedding dress at a sample sale, trunk show, or consider a dress on consignment or pre-loved.

18. Borrow accessories, such as your veil, jewelry, and cufflinks.

19. Ask a friend or relative to offer their special talent in place of a gift. (ie. Your aunt can do the calligraphy on your place cards, your best friend can officiate)

20. Choose less expensive flowers. For example, a garden rose instead of a peony.

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