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How To Plan A Sustainable Wedding

Sustainability is basically accommodating your needs without compromising the needs of those in the future. Many limit its relevance to the environment, but sustainability also affects the economy and society. Celebrations by Tori practices a holistic approach to sustainability, which improves our community's natural resources, economy, and happiness. When planning your wedding, you can implement sustainable practices and reduce your celebration's carbon footprint in the following ways:

  • Source local foods and flowers/greenery

  • Support local businesses

  • Fresh floral and consumable decor

  • Farm to table ingredients, foods, and florals

  • Select a sustainable venue

  • Reduce waste by recycling

  • Upcycled decor

  • Linens and glassware instead of disposables

  • Eco-friendly or compostable disposables

  • Consumable wedding favors

  • Digital invitations and responses

  • Living plants, Live walls

  • Ethically sourced jewelry, Lab-grown diamonds

  • Energy efficiency

  • Rideshare

  • Natural surroundings and materials

  • Smaller guest lists, Fewer people

  • Compost food and florals that cannot be donated

  • Avoid over-ordering or over-buying

  • Plant trees to offset your wedding's carbon footprint

  • Purchase and use vintage place settings from antique stores

  • Decorate with potted plants instead of cut florals

  • Recycled paper for invites, place cards, etc.

  • Grow your own wedding flowers

  • Build your arch from reclaimed wood

  • Vintage wedding apparel

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