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How to Have an Instagram Wedding

HOW TO HAVE AN INSTAGRAM WEDDING! by Tori Rogers, Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers

Creating a hashtag for your wedding is EASY! Here are the steps to making sure you have the best hashtag for your Instagram wedding!!!

1)  Anyone on Instagram or Twitter can choose a hashtag. There is no registration process to own it. So you want to make it very unique and relevant to YOUR wedding so your wedding’s fun photos do not get confused with someone else’s.

2) Make your hashtag easy to remember so they can easily type it in during your event. It is a good idea to have your hashtag posted around your event. Avoid acronyms because they are difficult to remember.

3) Do a test search of your hashtag to make sure it is not already in use.

4) Get creative and fun with your hashtag and use a wedding word in it.

5) Avoid symbols, dahses, etc. Use only letters and numbers.

6) To post to Instagram from your smartphone, you will need to download the Instagram app to your smartphone.

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