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"Harold Would Never Beat Up His Landlord" and other scary speeches

Do you really want your #guests to hear stories about the time you were sooooo wasted, your infamous one night stand, your strip club phase, your big poker loss, or the time you escaped a near death experience? Or the jealous friend who recently experienced a break up and can’t understand why they are still single?

These scary #speech moments typically occur when your speech giver is #overserved at your #cocktail hour and has the opportunity to drink more at dinner because you waited too long to do speeches at your #wedding.

Don’t be the couple who lets your speech givers get hammered before it’s time to present their speech at your wedding.

Many couples schedule the #speeches for after #dinner, but that is not what we recommend. After dinner your guests want to #dance, walk around, socialize, etc.

We suggest mixing it up a bit. Try to limit your speeches to four max. Two before dinner and two during dinner (after the first course before the second course or just after everyone has gone through the buffet). You give your thank you speech before your first dance or parent dances, before or after #cake cutting if you have that.

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