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Haleakala Sunrise Ceremony

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Jessica wrote such a great blog post about this wedding, I don't think I can top it! I CAN tell you that in order to make this wedding happen, I did the following: -Rent a 15 passenger van to transport everyone to Haleakala, then to breakfast at Charley's, and back to their resort. -I purchased coffee and snacks for the ride to be more comfortable and for them all to snack on up at the crater. -I made signs for the Van to indicate it was for a special event so they could easily find it in the parking lot at the crater.

-I made reservations and obtained a permit to have the wedding at the crater. -I made reservations at Charley's for breakfast. -I hired a fabulous photographer, officiant, and florist. -I provided a keepsake certificate and held onto the marriage license for the couple. -I had liability insurance.

Usually, every bride has this little detail, something special to make the day theirs. Something that they need to calm the senses and to focus on. Sometimes it’s pie instead of cake or cupcakes. Sometimes it’s a broach or a picture of a loved one. In this case, our Haleakale bride wanted to see the sunrise from the highest point in Maui for her day to be complete! Wedding planner Tori Rogers perfectly coordinated the day and, of course, added in some super cute details. We started our drive at 2am and made it the crater to photograph the bride and groom at sunrise. Everyone had a blanket to stay warm and the officiant was a close personal friend. The couple then surprised her parents with a Vow Renewal. They prepared new rings and the friend officiated this ceremony. The day was magical and fun. We followed up with a Trash the Dress photo session in a secret Maui location:)

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