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Five Weddings Trends We LOVE

Celebrations by Tori is having so much fun creating memorable experiences for our couples and their guests. What makes the process fun for us includes thinking out of the box and really personalizing the details.

Look, we can create an over the top wedding like the celebrity planners, but that is not what inspires us. After 25 years in the industry, we want fun, fabulous and functional weddings. While we LOVE an incredible aesthetic, and the wedding design is one of our favorite parts of the planning process, we are truly inspired by the personalized aspects that make it YOUR wedding.

So, what trends are we seeing for 2022 and 2023 that make everyone happy? What is most requested? What do couples want? What are guests smiling about?

1) Grazing Tables- What is a grazing table? It is a family-style display of charcuterie that includes a variety of meats (ie. dried salami, prosciutto), cheeses, olives, dried and fresh fruits, various nuts, crackers & breads, some cut veggies and dips, and marinated veggies (like artichoke hearts). People can graze as they wish, on their own time, and mingle around the food. We are commonly setting it up for a pre-ceremony welcome reception and post-ceremony cocktail reception. Check out our Pinterest Board for some Grazing Table Ideas.

2) Small Wedding Cakes- Couples are enthusiastically requesting dessert tables filled with their favorite treats, but still want to cut the cake for photos. The answer? A small cake for cutting (and to enjoy later ;-) with a super cute topper AND a dessert table. Still want to serve wedding cake AND save costs? Order a small decorated cake for your cake cutting photos and a sheet cake to cut and serve your guests. Easy breezy!

3) Interactive Guest Experiences- Make your wedding fun with more than just music. Get creative with your guest experience options. We love a Flower Bar, a photo booth (there are MANY fun options for this) or selfie station, lawn/reception games, a custom Snapchat geofilter, guest book scrapbook, postcard station for destination weddings, wedding Madlibs, Wedding Bingo, S'more station, and more!

4) Longer Celebrations- Weddings have become love-fests, where everyone wants to spend even more time with each other! Wedding ceremonies are starting sooner and receptions are going longer. Keep in mind that this time expanse may incur many extra fees. For example, you may pay more for your bar and for servers to stay longer. You may also need more people to set up to compensate for the shorter set up time.

5) Creative Music Selections- Since we are very passionate about music, we are having so much fun helping our couples produce innovative song lists for their ceremonies and receptions. A song list from a recent wedding included:

Processional & Bridal Entrance (Song: A Thousand Years - Daniel Jang) Recessional (Song: Better Together- Jack Johnson)

First Dance (Song: Broken- Jack Johnson) Parent Dance (Song: Watch Them Grow -Zach Gill)

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