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Fifty Shades of Grey Theme

In August 2012, when I did my presentation at The Wedding Cafe Hawaii, I stated that we would see a great deal of gray used at weddings in 2013. I predicted this would be a big color because of the popularity of #FiftyShadesofGrey. And, guess what? In 2013, what color do you think was discussed the most? GRAY! Gray undertones combined with blushes and shades of ivory will be used in linens and florals. We will see many muted shades and various shades of gray appear in accessories and all decor/design elements. I felt a little wedding psychic then, and this theme is STILL applicable today in 2020. This theme will have a long shelf life, so enjoy these ideas! Use them for a party, bridal shower, wedding, engagement party, birthday party, bachelorette-bachelor party, and more! Have fun with it!

Photo Booth- Quotes from the book printed out on lavender paper and attached to popsicle sticks

Gray lounge furniture

Silk Linen

Gray raw silk table linen

Strung White Dendrobium Orchid Garlands

Gray Fabric Pipe and Drape

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