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Creating Your Wedding Time Capsule

There is so much awesomeness to remember about your wedding day, which is why we are so excited about the increase in this wedding trend. Creating your wedding time capsule can be fun and creative. Imagine when you look back on your wedding in 5, 10, or 15 years! We receive calls often from our couples wanting to share their family growth and news with us, and they always tell us how much they still love and talk about their wedding day!

Bride and Groom on Wailea Beach in front of the Andaz strolling hand in hand and gazing at each other romantically. Waves crashing on the sand. Bride holding her bouquet.
Photo by Cassie Pali Photography, for Celebrations by Tori

So, here is how you can create something special to remember your wedding day and celebrate this special occasion over and over again! Why not? It was spectacular! 1) COLLECT YOUR ITEMS- What are you going to collect and keep in your time capsule to commemorate your fabulous wedding day? The sky's the limit, but remember you are storing this so keep in mind the storage space capacity. Some things to collect include:

View this list for items to collect and place in your capsule:

Ring box, receipt

Photos from your photo booth

Wedding Invitation

Copy of your wedding vows

List of songs played at your wedding

Digital drive of songs played at your wedding

Airline Ticket boarding passes or print outs

Empty beverage bottle (champagne, wine, beer, etc.) from your reception toast

Toasting Glasses

Wedding Favor

Garter Belt

Copy of your Marriage Certificate

Copy of your officiant's ceremony

Wedding and Honeymoon Photos

Local newspaper from the place your married (ie. Maui News, Star Advertiser, LA Times)

Wedding Program

Guest Book

Bar Menu, Food Menu, Signature Drink menu

Your Place Cards

Cake Topper

Dried/Preserved Flowers from your wedding florals

Your Contracts

Foreign Currency

Any Custom or Personalized items

Your invite list

Wedding Planning Notebook

Items from your Wedding Showers

Items from your Bachelor/Bachelorette/Hen/Parties

Photos of your proposal, engagement party

Rehearsal Dinner photos

Wedding and Engagement Announcements

Gift Cards/Wedding Greeting Cards

Write down where you think you will be in 10 house? job? etc.

Bucket List of trips and experiences you want to have together

List your favorite wedding memories

Predictions from you and others of your first year of marriage/your future together

2) A VESSEL- Now that you have an idea of what will go INTO your time capsule, you need to select WHAT will hold all of these items. Whether you choose a large box, a metal tin, a wooden box or crate, a trunk, a suitcase, or a locker, just make sure it can accommodate all of your memorabilia.

3) STORAGE SPACE- You've collected and packed your memorabilia, and now you need to store it. Will you actually bury it, will you display it proudly, or will you put it in a closet or drawer? Just make sure the place you select will protect it from any damage so all of your memories will be safe and sound until you view them again. Wherever you decide, remember where it is (maybe place a note somewhere to remind you!).

4) THE OPENING- When will you open your time capsule together to review its special contents? An anniversary? A holiday? A celebration? A date night? Put it on your calendar and mark WHERE it is located in case you forget.

Check out our Pinterest Page for Wedding Capsule Inspiration and Ideas!

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