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We examined couple's responses to various surveys within the past year to discover what they wish they'd known during the planning stages of their weddings. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to avoid wedding planning mistakes and wedding regret. 1. Couples thought that the $30,000 average wedding budget applied to people going all out and splurging on their wedding. They soon discovered that $30k doesn't even cover the bare bones.

2. Much of the inspiration they found on social media was really a styled shoot and did not realistically work for a real wedding.

3. Oversharing ideas with others during the planning process made life harder instead of easier.

4. "I wish I had known how much I DID care about flowers."

5. "Decision fatigue is a very real thing."

6. "Start with your budget and then add 25% to it." Couples were truly sticker shocked when they realized how expensive things are and how the numbers quickly add up.

7. Many wish they had taken the time to sit down and really think about what they wanted for their wedding before starting to plan it.

8. "Everyone should get event insurance that covers general liability and liquor liability."

9. A "No" RSVP is not a personal rejection.

10. Couples were shocked at how inconsiderate invited guests were about responding to the invites in a timely manner.

11. Creating a budget was highly encouraged so that you could have a tangible number to work with when making decisions to cut back or splurge.

12. "I wish I had hired my wedding planner earlier in the process!" Many couples expressed how overwhelmed they were during the planning process and how they enjoyed it much more when they enlisted the help of a wedding planner.

13. Quite a few couples recommended ignoring social media after making your final selections to avoid feelings of insecurity and uncertainty leading up to the wedding day.

14. Think outside of the box when selecting your wedding venue.

15. You will not be able to please every person. Someone will be disappointed and there is nothing you can do about it.

16. "Wedding planning is more than just planning a party...It forces you to confront whatever your "issues" are, because it's such a personal process."

17. "Set up a dedicated email! Give this email to all vendors, use it for every site you sign up for, email yourself ideas/notes/etc."

18. Plan time for yourselves to spend some time alone during your wedding reception.

19. Don't rely on family and friends to do things instead of hiring professionals. Spend the money to guarantee people you on whom you can rely.

20. "Your wedding party are honored guests, treat them as such. They are not servants or banks to create the day & party of your dreams."

21. Have someone learn to pin up your bustle, button your dress, tie your tie, etc.

22. "Go into it knowing something will go wrong and laugh it off." No one else knows your plans, so they will think everything is perfect.

23. Always have a plan B for weather.

24. "Have all tips and final payments pre-sorted in labeled envelopes in advance so they are easier to distribute at the wedding when you are distracted."

25. "I wish I had asked the officiant to tell people to put their cellphones away. We have so many lovely shots of the ceremony but in every one there are people in the background holding up cellphones so you can't see their faces."

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