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Bride’s Emergency Kit Checklist

Photo by Kai Photography

Photo by Kai Photography

A professional wedding planner will arrive at your wedding with a complete kit of just about everything you can think of for your wedding day needs. However, your wedding planner may not be with you all day, as you may be getting ready somewhere other than your wedding venue. That means you need to have your own Bridal Emergency Kit. Below are some items you may want to have with you on your wedding day. Emergency Kit It is strongly advised that the Bride gather different items to prepare an Emergency Kit for last minute little details. Think of as many things that would possibly cause disaster on your wedding day and include them into this kit as well. Following is a list of the most popular items for this kit.

• List of important names and phone numbers. Be sure to include the wedding party and all suppliers and services. • Marriage license • Wedding rings • Photographers’ and Videographers’ checklist(s), and any final vendor payments. • Personal hygiene extras (toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, breath spray or mints, clear deodorant and powder, hand sanitizer) • Antacid, aspirin or other pain reliever, eye drops, contact solution, flesh colored band-aids. • Foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, waterproof mascara, lipstick, lip gloss. • Portable mirror, brush, comb, hairspray, bobby pins, hair dryer, curling iron, makeup blotting papers, face wipess. • Sewing kit with needle and thread to match formal wear and all gowns, safety pins and scissors. • Fingernail polish in your color and clear for stocking runs. • Tissues, extra handkerchief, wet washcloths in plastic bags, hand lotion and makeup remover. • Clothes steamer or iron. *Tide or Dryel pen *Cell Phone Charger *Eye Drops, Contact Lens Solution *Flashlight *Umbrella • Extra stockings, anti-static spray, spot remover. *Fashiontape • Button down shirt for getting hair styled. (Prevents mess-up when shirt is pulled over head after spending hours on the perfect style.) • Extra pair of comfortable white shoes. • Scotch tape to attach cards to gifts. • Camera and film • Extra cash for last minute errands (coins and bills) • Guest book, pens, ring pillow, birdseed, rose petals or bubbles, extra garter (for garter toss), cake cutting knife and server, toasting glass and favors. • Bottled water *Bug Spray *Sunscreen • Drinking straws (so you don’t ruin your lipstick) and a large cloth (to cover your dress when reapplying makeup or eating a quick snack during preparations).

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