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Avoid These Hidden Wedding Costs

by Tori Rogers, Founder & Owner of Celebrations by Tori

1. Cost of Rentals may not include delivery and set up. You may need to pay extra for a same-day strike.

2. Your venue may require that you shuttle guests to and from your wedding, as there is insufficient parking accommodations for your guest count. Remember, vendors need parking spaces.

3. When you select a venue that is not conveniently located or easily accessible, there may be travel and hauling costs added to your invoice.

4. Remember to budget for tax, service charges, and gratuities.

5. Tastings, Hair and Makeup Trials, and Flower Mock ups are not free, so include them in your budget if you want them.

6. If you hire vendors not-approved by your venue, there may be an additional fee to have them work your wedding. Why? The venue wants to make a percentage on the vendors you do not hire through them.

7. You hired a wedding band, but now you discover you need to rent a stage, lighting, and coverage for them. You also need to feed them.

8. If you hired performers, like dancers and aerialists, they may require a dressing room with amenities.

9. Did you spend you entire dress budget on the dress itself? What if you need alterations?

10. Remember to add your vendors to your meal count because you will need to feed the ones who are there for longer than 2 or 3 hours. They are also drinking soft drinks from your bar.

11. You chose the cheapest company for the up-lights, but you didn't know they required electrical outlets. Oops. Were the more expensive ones wireless?

12. Venues require insurance from you in addition to proof of the professionals' liability insurance. Be sure to budget for Wedding Insurance (we like

Were these tips helpful? A wedding planner's knowledge and expertise is an invaluable resource, which is why you need to budget for one to assist with your wedding planning. They will save you a lot of money in the end.

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