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A New Social Media Trend at Weddings

Hashtags, Instagram, and Twitter, oh my!!! Wedding technology has immensely evolved, and there are is no shortage of social media outlets where you can share your wedding ideas. As a bride planning your wedding, I am sure you know how time consuming that social media management can be. Well, the W Hotel in New York has come up with the idea of the Social Media Wedding Concierge who will maintain your social media during your wedding planning and actual wedding. Yes, you can actually HIRE a social media coordinator or concierge to be AT their wedding to manage the sharing of your wedding events. What does this social media concierge do? Some responsibilities include live tweets during wedding, wedding selfie stations, facebook updates, creating Vine videos at the wedding, creating a wedding hashtag {and encouraging the guests to use it}, and Instagram-ing the photos he or she takes at the wedding. This comes with a high price, but your wedding will be well-documented and shared with the world. How trendy do you want to be? Will you hire a social media concierge for YOUR wedding? 

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