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15 Steps to Finding Your Wedding Dress

15 Steps to Find Your Wedding Dress With so many television shows about purchasing a dress, it seems as though there is even more pressure on brides these days. But these pointers are timeless and will make your dress shopping experience a lot less stressful. My Twenty-three years of experience in weddings, having been a bride myself, and an infinite amount of shopping experience, make these tips proof positive. Have fun shopping!

Tip 1: Start shopping for your dress at least 8 months before your wedding date to allow time for the dress to be ordered, altered, and perfected for you.

Tip 2: Set your cap. If you can`t afford a $12,000 dress, don`t look at them. Know the maximum you can spend on a dress and only look at those dresses. Let the dress shop know your budget at the time of your appointment.

Tip 3 The dress you purchase should work with your venue restrictions, time of year, weather, dress code, and comfort. For example, if the dress is heavy you will be uncomfortable in that ALL day. If your wedding is on the beach, a long train and cathedral veil may not be a good choice. If your wedding is black tie, a simple dress will not match your dress code for other.

Tip 4: Book an appointment. You may not be able to get any assistance as a walk in, and some stores do not have all of their inventory out on the floor. They have a special stash for you in the back. When booking your appointment, keep in mind that weekends are busier than weekdays, so you may want to take a day off from work to do this.

Tip 5: What is your style? Is your wedding bling? Vintage? Rustic? Country Western? Beach chic? Boho? Hipster? Renaissance? 20`s glam? Romantic? Retro? Woodsy? Ranch style?

Tip 6: Keep an open mind. You may have fallen in love with a dress in a magazine, but it may not look flattering on you. Trust the salesperson when advised to try on a dress you may not think will work for you. They know their inventory and how their dresses fit various body types. Trust the experts.

Tip 7: Do your research. If there is a specific dress you want to try, or a specific designer you want to try on, then call the shops ahead of time. It`s a silly waste of time to drive around only to be disappointed.

Tip 8: Do your hair, wear some makeup, bring a nude strapless bra, bring your Spanx, and bring some heels with you (the height you want to wear on your wedding day). You want to feel like a bride when you are trying on the dresses. Maybe even bring your accessories you plan to wear if there are specific heirlooms you know you want to wear.

Tip 9: Rome was not built in a day, and your decision does not need to be made on that one shopping day. If you feel you need to think about it, then do so. If you know right away that you are wearing YOUR WEDDING DRESS, the one you just don’t want to take off, then go with it. People differ on this. I bought my dress a year in advance the only day I tried on dresses, and I never regretted my decision. If you need to think about it, be sure to take note of the designer and style of the dresses you like.

Tip 10: It`s not fun to shop alone, but you do not need an entourage. Too many opinions can be discouraging and destroy the dress- shopping experience. Bring 2 or 3 calm, supportive, and honest people with you to your appointments who have your best interests in mind and who know YOU and YOUR style.

Tip 11: Yes, you will probably lose weight before the wedding, but DO NOT buy a dress that is smaller than your current size. It can always be altered. You have no idea how your body will be even when you lose the weight, so buy the dress based on how it fits at the time of your appointment.

Tip 12: Did anyone need to persuade you to marry your fiancé? I hope not. That rule applies to your dress. YOU WILL KNOW. Just like you knew you wanted to marry the love of your life, you will KNOW when you have your wedding dress on. Unless you are the most indecisive, indifferent person in the world, you will KNOW. You will look in the mirror, tears will well up in your eyes, you will grin ear to ear, and you will FEEL LIKE A BRIDE! BUY THAT DRESS!

Tip 13: Dress shopping is like a work out. Bring water and healthy snacks.

Tip 14: Read the contract carefully and be sure you agree with every part. If you don`t, then negotiate with the shop. You can always speak to a manager.

Tip 15: Have Fun! Enjoy the process of dress shopping. Don`t let anyone stress you out. Be prepared and follow these tips, and you will have a successful dress shopping experience!

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