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10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding

YOU'RE ENGAGED! It's the BEST feeling in the world!

But's time to start planning the actual wedding,

and everyone seems to have an opinion about what you need to do.

It's overwhelming.

You realize your wedding planning is more than creating a Pinterest board,

reading articles and looking at photos. It's more than just getting everyone's advice. In fact, that starts to stress you out, too. Some real thought needs to go into every part of your wedding day

and you don't know where to start.

In fact, neither of you have really discussed what you really want.

That is why this infographic is so important. It is a starting point for your wedding planning.

The secrets to having the perfect wedding might just be in these 10 steps.

There are some good tips in here! Like, not many people think to tell you to consider how long you are going to be wearing your dress when you go to select one, but I DO! Of course we planners have our planning secrets that we can only share with our couples, but there is some great information here to help you get your planning started.

We hope this helps!!

10 steps to planning the perfect wedding
Download • 817KB

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