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Updated: Feb 14

by Tori Rogers, Owner of Celebrations by Tori

Lucy and Ethel both share annoyed facial expressions. The title is "Did you say the details don't matter? Of course they matter. It's all in the details. The photograph is in black and white from an I Love Lucy Episode. Ethel is wearing a dark suit and gloves. Lucy is wearing a houndstooth pattern suit and a hat and pearl accessories.

I'm not gonna lie. When I am told the details don't matter, I cringe. A lot.

Why? Your wedding day celebration is the pinnacle of your relationship to this point, and your wedding guests want to see your love story unfold at your wedding. You can tell the story of your love and incorporate the latest trends in personalized wedding details.

Wedding details are not only wedding elements specific and meaningful to you, they provide your guests with an insider peek into your relationship. These details also indirectly honor those celebrating with you and those there in memory.

This glimpse we all get creates the vibe at your wedding. The more personalized your wedding experience, the better your guests feel about celebrating with you.

You probably hired your photographer and videographer based on their fabulous coverage. That is because those couples gave them meaningful moments and items to capture, and those things are called DETAILS. I promise that you will most likely be disappointed with your final product without those details.

Our super power at Celebrations by Tori is to get to know you so that we can help you bring these details to life in a way that involves everyone. These are the little things that do not drain your bank account AND contribute heavily to your guest experience. They also provide photo opportunities for your photographer and videographer, which is why those photos are called "Detail Shots" (which you need to remember allow time for in your timeline).

Here are 10 ways to include wedding details on your wedding day, but there are many more!

  1. HONOR FAMILY- Sometimes, your details aren’t even about you so much as they are about the family heirlooms and the things that unite your families.

  2. PROPS FOR GETTING READY PHOTOS- Styled flatlay photos include printed items like your invitation suite (maybe include some loose florals), jewelry like your wedding rings (maybe place them in special boxes, maybe placed with your bouquet), and your shoes (maybe decorate the bottoms). Your wedding attire will be photographed before you dress, so maybe include a custom lining, an embroidered detail, a special hanger.

  3. HANDWRITTEN NOTES- It is customary for the couple to write love notes to each other that are read privately before the ceremony. Typically these are read during the preparation time.

  4. YOUR PETS- While your non-human babies at home cannot participate in your wedding day, they can still be a part of it. Cocktail napkins, bar signs, Fathead photo props, are just a few ways they can be included in a cute way that wows your guests and provides photo ops for your photographer and videographer.

  5. SIGNAGE- Get creative with your welcome signs, seating signs, bar signs, directional signs, etc. Maybe instead of the typical signage, create a timeline of your relationship in some cute way.

  6. TABLE DECOR - Photos, Photos, Photos. Name your tables in a creative way. Be crafty and creative with whatever elements you can handle. Some make the napkins, some make the place cards, some make the table names and/or numbers.

  7. GIFTS - Sometimes your family or friend might provide a gift that is incorporated into your wedding. At Caitlin and Markus's wedding, their friend handmade a macrame hanging that was attached to the ceremony arch. How meaningful is THAT? It was so heartfelt and wowed the guests.

  8. QUOTES/POEMS/PSALMS - Including quotations that resonate with you both is a great way to honor your relationship and include a detail to impress your guests. How do you want to display it? We hung Grateful Dead lyrics in the wedding lounge because our bride was a huge fan. Maybe line up quotes down your aisle or ask a VIP to read your favorite poem during your ceremony. Create a neon sign of your favorite saying or include it on your printed menus. Embroider it on your wedding apparel or bouquet ribbon/wrap.

  9. SONGS- Collect song requests from your guests, play a song to commemorate the memory of a loved one, dance with your parent to the song they sang to you as a child, or

  10. CREATE A LOGO and include it on everything- You can even place it on the dance floor!

There are so many more ideas filling up my brain. What are some of yours?


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