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The 20 Vendors You Will Meet

Isn't it all exciting? The engagement...the announcement...the gorgeous pictures you'll save to your Pinterest Board...your stories of your proposal, how you met, ALL OF IT! It's an amazing time for you as a couple about to embark on the journey of your lifetime. Marriage.

So, how will you begin that journey together? Will you elope? Will you have a big affair? Will you escape to a courthouse and bypass the production? Oh, yes, it's a production. Don't think so? Even an intimate minimony, microwedding, or elopement is a production. What goes into this production? Who will make it all happen? These are the 20 Wedding Professionals you will meet or encounter during your wedding planning experience.

  1. Wedding Coordinator/Planner-

  2. Venue Manager- Sales Manager, Event Manager

  3. Caterer- Booking agent, Chef, Waitstaff,

  4. Officiant-Rabbi-Priest-Minister-Judge

  5. Photographer

  6. Videographer-Cinematographer

  7. Rental Company Representative and employees delivering, setting up, and striking your event rentals

  8. Florist-Event Designer

  9. Printer-Stationer-Invitation Representative

  10. Entertainers-DJ-Musicians-Audio Visual Equipment Manager-Booking Agents-The Talent

  11. Stylists-Beauticians-Aestheticians

  12. Pastry Chef-Baker

  13. Apparel Specialists- Wherever you purchase your wedding apparel. Think Dress Shops, Suit Makers, Alterations, Shoes, Accessories, and more!

  14. Jeweler-Rings, Jewelry to wear at your wedding, accessories

  15. Wedding Favor Vendor

  16. Transportation Company- The person who will arrange for your transportation to and from your ceremony and reception, the actual drivers, parking attendants, etc.

  17. Wedding Insurance Representative

  18. Lighting Designer

  19. Bartenders

  20. Specialty People- Shave Ice Vendors, Welcome Bag Vendors, Photo Booth People, Coat Room Attendants, anyone providing any additional services at your event.

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