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How You Can Help Maui...

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Maui has experienced tragic losses. While we have been "boots on the ground" assisting those in need, we have been asked by many how they can help.

Maui is ALL about community. It is why I love it so much.

And we LOVE that Maui has touched you in a special way, too!

So we put together these lists for you to see the many ways in which you can assist those affected by these tragic fires and circumstances.

Words cannot describe the sentiment we all feel and the grieving we all feel right now as we work hard to help one another. Please contact me to find out where you can send your donations and/or where you can personally volunteer. MAHALO!

The Maui Strong Fund | @hawaiicommunityfoundation

Kokua Restaurant and Hospitality Fund for Maui | @hifoodwinefest

Maui Food Bank | @mauifoodbank

American Red Cross | @americanredcross

Maui Humane Society | @mauihumanesociety

World Central Kitchen @wckitchen

Hawaiʻi Community Foundation @hawaiicommunityfoundation

Maui Strong Fund at

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