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How to make your wedding makeup look great on camera

Ken Mitsui Photography

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable occasions in your life, accompanied by

albums upon albums full of photos. So, it’s only natural to want to look your best for your big day.

From having perfectly styled hair to radiant skin, you’ll need to do plenty of preparation to ensure

that you get everything just right. Makeup in particular is a crucial part of achieving that flawless

camera-ready look. In this guide, we share our top tips and techniques to help you get the perfect

wedding makeup look.

Preparing your skin

Before applying any makeup, it’s important to prepare your skin beforehand in order to create a

clean and smooth canvas for the products. Even the most expensive products won’t perform at

their best if you don’t start with a good base, so this step is vital.

Start by washing your face with your usual cleanser, or if you’re looking for a new one, opt for

something gentle. Next, you’ll need to use an exfoliant to get your skin smooth enough for that

flawless finish. There are two types of exfoliators, physical or chemical. Physical exfoliants are

those with abrasive particles and can be quite harsh on the skin, so it’s best to opt for a gentle

chemical exfoliant where possible.

Follow this up with your favorite moisturizer (preferably one with SPF) to provide your skin with

some hydration, and any additional serums you might want to use. If you’re unsure about where to

start with serums, niacinamide is a great choice if you suffer from excess redness, or hyaluronic

acid can help to boost your skin’s hydration even further. Finally, if your moisturizer doesn’t have

SPF in the formula, it’s best to add some sunscreen.

Choosing the right products

The reason you want to add sunscreen as part of your skin preparation is because foundations that

include SPF can sometimes create a white cast in flash photography, which is the last thing you

want for your wedding day. When it comes to choosing your foundation, try to find one that is as

close to a perfect match to your skin tone as possible. If you struggle to find a good match, head to

a beauty store to get skin-matched.

It might be best to have an idea of foundations that will suit you before you go to get matched, as

then you can head straight to the brand that sells one of your favorites and buy it on the spot. For

your wedding day, you’ll want to look for something that is long-wearing. It’s also important to

consider your skin type, so if you’re someone who has oily skin, get something with a matte finish

and vice versa.

Make sure to finish off your look with some light powder in any oily areas followed by a setting

spray. These steps are key to ensuring that your makeup holds throughout the day, maintaining

that camera-ready appearance at all times.

By following these top tips, you can rest assured that your makeup will not hold you back on your

big day. Just make sure to do a few practice runs with your products ahead of time, and you’re

sure to look flawless in every photo.

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