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How to get the fluff when your wedding budget is not enough!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

How to get the fluff when your wedding budget is not enough…

Original Photos by MeewMeew Studios

You found the perfect partner and now you want your perfect wedding day. Everyone has a different vision of what their perfect wedding looks like, but I can tell you from my many years of planning experience the most common wedding element is the overall experience. While I have always professed that the most essential elements of a successful and fun wedding are your guest list, food/beverage, and the entertainment, I can now say that the fluff is making a comeback. If your challenge is how to afford the fluff and your wedding essentials without breaking the bank, then you will love these wedding budget suggestions. 1. The Wedding Date: Weekday weddings are typically less expensive than weekend weddings, and Sundays are typically less expensive and Fridays and Saturdays.. This is especially helpful for your destination wedding, because when you are on vacation every day is a weekend! Marry in the off-season (high season is May through October) and avoid the holidays, as an off season wedding date may provide you with discount opportunities on venues, vendors, and travel fees. Consider having your wedding take place during the day instead of the evening. All of these tips place you in a better position to negotiate rates with your venues and professionals. 2. Entertainment: Sometimes a DJ is less expensive than a band. (Sorry, but that playlist on a sound system does not create the fun experience that a professional provides.) Perhaps you have a friend or relative who plays an instrument and wants to play at your ceremony as a gift to you? Contact the local university for musicians for your ceremony. Be sure to learn of all costs involved with hiring your vendors, like lighting and stage requirements. If your wedding is outdoors and you are not tenting your event, you will need to make sure your entertainers do not require coverage. 3. The Bar: Limit your bar options. If you are at a venue that offers a full bar, then DO THAT, even if it is a no-host bar, to avoid guests leaving your wedding to go to the hotel or restaurant bar. Another option is to partially host a bar, where you agree to host the bar to a certain amount and then change to a no-host bar. It is always good to host soft drinks throughout the event. Keep in mind that your vendors are drinking soft drinks from the bar, as well. Hosting per consumption may be a less expensive option instead of per person. If you have a costly signature drink, maybe only offer it during a portion