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2023 Wedding Trends- what we are seeing IRL!

2023 has shown us some pretty consistent #weddingtrends that began late in 2022. In addition to longer lasting #weddings and larger guest lists, couples want their #weddingday to have boat loads of personal touches, including asking a friend or relative to perform the #weddingceremony and honoring the memory of loved ones. #Wedding#apparel may be in the same color palette but represent individual style. Crafty couples are #diying what they can, like #invitations and #weddingsigns . Videography has made a comeback because live documentation is important. Photographers are doing lay flat photos of details and playing with lighting, as well as having fun with getting ready #weddingphotos and #firstlooks or first touches. While cutting the #weddingcake for photos is important, #desserttables are the rage. Statement elements are popular, whether it be the ceremony backdrop, aisle, interactive food service or color theme. Song choices are super customized, especially the use of specific parts of songs. Grand entrances are back! Speeches are short, sweet, touching and humorous. #Champagne walls, floral or leafy #backdrops, and custom signage are often included in the plans. #Grazingtables keep your guests fed from before #ceremony to the end of #cocktailreception. Most important are the vibe and the experience. Signature #cocktails and #mocktails with fun signage are always a win. #Couples love to include their fur babies. #Sustainability and local food sourcing continue as a trend that we love. Creating memories for everyone and spending time with their guests is of ultimate importance, and we enjoy nothing more than suggesting creative ways to make your wedding unique from the others. What is YOUR favorite trend?

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